Thursday, December 15, 2005

FMBC 2006?

Dear Friends,

2006 is approaching fast and some of you may be wondering what we at the FMBC have in store for this coming year.Here are some of the courses that we expect to teach:

Each student must develop a theology of worship. Then he must learn to live out that theology both personally and corporately. Lessons from this class may serve as his guide.

2.World Evangelization-
A study of the history of missions world wide. This course also studies the theology of Missions and our continuing imperative to reach the world. Some emphasis is given to discovering and reaching “hidden people groups.

3.Prayer, Meditation & Devotion.
A theology of prayer and a study of meditation and devotion as means of grace for developing spirituality is explored with the student. Spiritual maturity is not an option for the Christian. It is an imperative.
4.Christian Home & Marriage.
How to develop a Christian family lifestyle, family devotions, cooperation, mutual support, etc. What makes a home or marriage “Christian”?

Modules: Our modules are scheduled for the following months:

1.March 5th-31st.
2.July 2nd-28th
3.November 5th-December 1st.

APPEAL: If you know of anyone out there who is willing to come to Mwanza and teach (as a volunteer) a course in any of the modules, please tell him/her to contact me using this e-mail address: geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com

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