Monday, December 31, 2007


With the electoral commission having broken ranks and disagreed over the General election results, it only makes sense for those results to be nullified and another independent, credible, and internationally respected body to take over from them. It also means that we do not have official results from the just concluded General election. In that case, it is only logical that Mwai Kibaki steps down, otherwise he is now in office illegally! He does not have the mandate of anyone, not even the Electoral Commission of Kenya. The law of Kenya is very clear on what should happen in the absence of an elected president.

Thank God the US has come to her senses and "effectively retracted a statement from Washington that had congratulated Mr Kibaki on his victory by releasing a statement from its Nairobi embassy expressing concern about “serious problems experienced during the vote counting process”.


America’s Shame-State Department Congragulates Kibaki!!

December 31st, 2007 by Fred Stopsky

As thousands of outraged Kenyans marched in protest against the blatant action by President Kibaki to steal an election, US State Department spokesperson, Robert Mcinturff, announced the Bush administration reaction to the theft: “The United States congratulates the winners.” Apparently, for President Bush democracy is equated with another government’s willingness to go along with his foreign policy of fighting terrorism. President Kibaki was a loyal supporter of Bush policies and therefore he must receive support, even though he stole an election. Over 100 Kenyans are dead, bodies in the morgue reveal multiple wounds since police have orders to shoot on sight. The police refused to allow supporters of Raila Odinga– who actually won the election — to leave the slum area of Kibera and fired on those seeking to conduct a mock swearing in ceremony for Odinga.

The Bush administration continues to claim it supports “democracy.” The brave people of Kenya went to the polls and voted for a democratic government. They voted out at least 20 ministers of the current Kibaki government, but the evidence was ignored. EU observers in one district noted the Kibaki count they saw was 25,000 less than the figure quoted by the Election Commission. In the war against terror, the victims invariably are those who stand up for democracy.

Will any of the current Democratic candidates speak up for the people of Kenya and blast the Bush administration?



We are calling on all law-abiding Kenyans to join in the People’s Revolution led by the ODM.A grand march is planned for this coming Thursday 3rd 2008. It will be led by the people’s President, Raila Amolo Odinga.

Kibaki and his rich cronies will not have the last laugh. Democracy will triumph. Kenyans cannot be robbed off what they have fought and died for for the last 50 years! Kenya is bigger than Kibaki. Every voter and his/her vote must be respected. There is a new generation in Kenya today that cannot sit back and allow greedy old men to take away their rights with impunity. All the chaos, myhem, looting and destruction of lives and property that is going on in Kenya must be blamed on the greed of Kibaki. Wonder how many more lives he wants to see lost before he can acknowledge the will of the people.

On the other hand, we are calling on Honorable Kalonzo Musyoka not to commit political suicide by accepting to serve as Kibaki’s Vice President in this short-lived stint. By falling prey to Kibaki’s evil schemes he will be alienating himself and the Kamba community from the rest of Kenyans. All the goodwill that he has amassed will evaporate instantly. He should understand that the Central Province votes in the next General election will go to Uhuru Kenyatta and no one else thus being lured by the Mt.Kenya Mafia at this point is committing political suicide!

Today Hon.Kalonzo Musyoka called for a meeting between him, Hon.Raila Odinga and Hon.Mwai Kibaki. It is the prayer of many that he will continue on that path until justice is seen to be done for the Kenyan people.

Our appreciation goes to the men and women in the uniforms who have defied orders from Kibaki’s men to shoot and kill innocent wananchi who are demanding to be heard and respected. Our appreciation also goes to the civil servants who are supporting the revolution either silently or openly. Last but not least, we thank and appreciate the brothers and sisters in the neighboring countries who are on stand-by ready to come in and help us should there be need.

For the Kenyans who do not speak and act now, remember the words of Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

“When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out”.

The time to speak and act to save our hard-earned democracy is NOW!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Majority of the Men in the Military Want Kibaki Out!

The revolution in Kenya has reached a point of no return. In a few stormy days , the attempted imposition of Mwai Kibaki on the peaceful but vigilant people of Kenya and against the reformist Orange Democratic Movement led by Raila Amolo Odinga will come to an embarrassing end. Although on the surface Kibaki appears to be backed by the military generals, the truth of the matter is that many of our men and women in the armed forces and the para-military forces are against Kibaki’s unpopular move and they are going to join the people of Kenya in forcing Kibaki out of his self-proclaimed second term as the president of Kenya. Masses of Kenyans have started uprisings across the country and it’s just a matter of time before the whole country becomes ungovernable. There is a real inspiration among the seven provinces that overwhelmingly voted for change especially among the youth. We are on the ground and we will keep you posted on the developments here!


This e-mail was sent to me read:

Subject: Kibaki was swon in 3 hours before the "LIVE KBC Broadcast"

The pressure continues to pile on the illegitimate regime in Kenya.

It is now emerging that the Ugandan army men are actually in Western Kenya (Western and Nyanza)and there are many more that have been sourced from that country (about 3,000) to prop up Kibaki, just incase.

You may be wondering why Michuki is now taking a hardline stance. At the rate things are going, we may be headed for a military solution. We are made to understand that Kibaki and his ilk had to seek the assistance of Museveni when the Kenya army defied orders to go out of the barracks to go and quell the civil unrest.

The rumour that General Kianga, Chief of General Staff (CGS) had resigned is no rumour. He did resign following a disagreement on how things were being done at Department of Defence army headquarters. He could not take it any more, that his junior a Gen.Njoroge was giving orders to the army and bypassing him!

However, on the other hand, the pro-ODM army units who are a majority were of the resolved opinion that should General Kianga quit and Gen.Njoroge take over as CGS then the army was bound to do something nasty.

It left the Kibaki group with no option but to plead with Gen.Kianga to stay on for another two or three months while they sorted things out. Gen Kianga has never categorically denied this allegation that he had resigned. Something he should have done were it not true.

If you did not know, Raila is most popular presidential material among the military ranks and police.

Based on these facts and a myriad other complications relating to the armed units of the country, the Uganda army is the only option and Museveni is more than willing to assist Kibaki having played the same game himself.

This development of inviting Uganda army into Kenya has irked the Kenya army so much and it may be one point for which they may never forgive Kibaki.

Real statesmen in Africa are far in between. Museveni, Moi and Kibaki do not qualify one iota.

The Michuki and Karua group were counting on the US support militarily and diplomatically, but with shifting of alliances and the firm position taken by the US government end of last week, they are feeling lost.

In the `mwoto mwoto;chini kwa chini' news networks, it is also emerging that Kibaki was sworn in at 2.00pm. What happened at 4:45pm as televised by KBC was a recorded version.

You doubt that? Watch that clip again and check out the shadows.

The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission are so right in raising the issues relating to these illegality of Kibaki being in office.

And for the Wananchi, they are arguing (and rightfully so) that since the national anthem was not played when Kibaki was sworn in, he is not president yet.

I also read this observation in the press the other day that Kibaki did the wrong thing by not handing back the army sword that symbolizes state power before the winner of the election was announced. The army failed in its responsibility or was General Kianga frustrated?

In essence, what should have happened is that starting from the first date of the election period, Kibaki is supposed to have handed over the instruments of power as CIC to General Kianga. Very much the same way it was done during the Moi ˆ NARC transition. General Kibwana handled this very well, picture perfect.

General Kianga would have then handed over the instruments of Commander in Chief of the army to the winner of the election upon announcement of the winner by ECK. Thus, the ECK alerts the army boss, the army boss gets the parade and band ready. The instruments are then transferred formally at a designated ceremony.

But we are dealing with `wakora' here.

When Raila talks of a civilian coup de tat, many do not fathom the weightiness of that statement.

Kibaki and his ilk should know he is in quicksand.

Kenya is experiencing the biggest travesty of the law like no other ion the whole world!

The law apart, procedure was not followed.

Should the East Africa Court have been well in place, in power and structure; these are the kinds of issues that such an institution would handle.(Kenya Election Debacle)

We have every reason to holler good people!

Give up? Never; we won't!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Is Either The Will of The People or Total War In Kenya!

It is very obvious right now that the Electoral Commission of Kenya led by Samuel Kivuitu is doctoring the election results with the aim of retaining President Mwai Kibaki in power. The people of Kenya have spoken clearly with their votes. If President Kibaki, Mr.Samuel Kivuitu and their power-hungry sycophants are candid and shameless enough to stand against the will of the Kenyan people, then let them hear this clearly from we the Kenyans: IT IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE THAT WILL PREVAIL IN KENYA! We are calling on all the Kenyans back at home and in the diaspora to take up their arms and pray for President Kibaki.
We want to STOP THE SENSELESS KILLING OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We want to channel our energy toward constructive causes and the rebuilding of our land. But if anyone wants to take away our right, we are going to resist.

Mwai Kibaki: Very Weak New Leader of Opposition in Kenya!

In considering the forces and institutions that enable democracy to flourish in the post-revolutionary Kenya, I would candidly pay particular attention to political associations and parties, which have identified themselves as being part of the new government that is coming in and the alliance called the Party of National Unity-PNU (the in-coming opposition) and the institutions of civil society.
There is no doubt that our political parties in Kenya have created democracy and modern democracy is unthinkable save in terms of the current political leaders. I can’t adequately stress the centrality of institutionalized party competition in any thriving nation in the world today. Democracy in a complex society may be defined as a political system which supplies regular constitutional opportunities for changing the governing officials, and a social mechanism which permits the largest possible part of the population to influence major decisions by choosing among contenders for political office--that is, through political parties. The existence of a strong and vibrant opposition -- in essence, an alternative government -- restrains incumbents. An opposition seeks to reduce the resources available to officeholders and to enlarge the rights.
My main worry now is that Kenya lacks a respectable and dependable opposition. Hon. Mwai Kibaki is supposed to take on the role of the Leader of Opposition, but going by his previous performance, it will be naïve for anyone to imagine that he can perform that role effectively especially given the fact that the incoming government is made up of young, energetic, intelligent, and experienced leaders. I do not have any doubt about the good intentions and motivations of the incoming leaders but most of us agree with Lord Acton who said “all power corrupts but Liberal power corrupts very liberally”.
Let us all pray that the Lord may raise up a new breed of leaders in the opposition who will be decisive, understanding of the concepts and facts of leadership, consistent and persistent in their desire to keep the government on its toes for the good of our beloved leaders and country.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kenya Election Results: Kenya Has A New President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!

Kenya has a new President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!
Watch live coverage of Kenya Elections on the following website:


Here is a reliable and scientific prediction of how the various ethnic groups have voted:

Candidate: Mwai Kibaki - Raila Odinga --- Kalonzo Musyoka

Kikuyu --- 2,533,000 ----- 5,000----- 2,000

Luyiah --- 300,000 - ---900,000--- 60,000

Luo--- 2,000 --- 965,000--- 1,000

Kalenjin--- 150,000--- 1,220,000 --- 5,000

Kamba-- -10,000--- 4,000-- - 910,000

Kisii- --200,000--- 310,000 ---- 2,000

Meru --- 615,000---- 2,000 --- 1,000

Other African--- 150,000--- 2,800,000 ---50,000

Non African--- 8,000--- 8,000 ---2,000

Total ----Kibaki- 3,968,000 --Raila-- 6,214,000 --Kalonzo-1,033,000

The margin of error is less than 5%. With this kind of reality, there is no way Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga can be stopped from marching to State House.

Congratulations to the people of Kenya for making their will known clearly. Now the challenge is on the New Government to fulfill their promises to the Kenyans.

Congratulations Your Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga, 4th President of the Republic of Kenya!

Kenyans in Michigan, plans are already underway for a grand celebration of this victory. Please get in touch if you do not want to miss out!!!

Email: geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com

More Results:
Kenya: Vice President, Ministers Lose Parliamentary Seats

Results just announced on KBC-Channel I say that Raila Odinga has recaptured the Langata seat.

Former Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala was also defeated by a Nairobi based lawyer Ababu Namwamba of ODM. Namwamba got 11012 votes against Mr Wanjala 7180 votes in an election that was marked with high turnout.

The East African Standard (Nairobi)

28 December 2007
Posted to the web 28 December 2007


Vice President Hon Moody Awori and ministers Mutahi Kagwe, Pau Sang, Musikari Kombo and Moses Akaranga emerged as the early casualties as vote counting for the hotly contested elections continued countrywide.

Results broadcast on KTN showed Awori lost the Funyula parliamentary seat to the ODM candidate Dr Paul Otuoma, becoming the second time in Kenya's history for a VP to lose a parliamentary seat. In 2002, Vice President Mr Musalia Mudavadi lost to Mr Moses Akaranga of Narc, a few months after he was appointed by President Moi. Uncle Moody as he is popularly known, has been Member of Parliament for Funyula constituency for the last 25 years, although his grip on Funyula politics spans over 45 years

Ford -Kenya chairman and former Webuye MP, Musikari Kombo, has lost the seat to Alfred Sambu of ODM. Preliminary results indicated that Trade and Industry minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi trailing.

Information and Communications minister Mutahi Kagwe has lost to former chairman of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Mr Kabando wa Kabando of Safina party. Kagwe initiated many development projects in his Mukurweini constituency, both through the CDF concept and from his own initiative and it will puzzle many people how his opponent, Kabando wa Kabando pulled the carpet from under his feet.

Health Minister Paul Sang has lost former State House Comptroller Mr Frankline Bett of ODM. Sang was appointed to the position just two months to the election after Kibaki's ally and Health Minister, Charity Ngilu, declared her support for ODM presidential candidate Mr Raila Odinga.

Other results show ODM Pentagon member and Raila Odinga's running mate, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, has trounced Public Service minister Moses Akaranga of PNU. Najib Balala has won the Mvita seat , beating former Mombasa mayor Taib Ali Taib.

Former Keiyo South MP and Kanu strongman Nicholas Biwott lost the seat to Mr Jackson Kiptanui of ODM. In Ugenya constituency, lawyer James Orengo will make a political come back after clinching the seat he lost in 2002.

However, ECK has not officially released the results. We will bring you more results as we get them.


Other major casualties include:
Raphael Tuju who has lost in Rarieda
Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi in Kimilili who has lost to a Ford Kenya candidate
Njenga Karume
Moses Wetangula
Gideon Moi who has lost to Sammy Mwaita of ODM

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Did you Know?

BANKING: Rose Ayuya Oloo born in Khwisero, Kisa, was the first African to open a bank account in Kakamega in 1937, the 25th person to do so. In those days it was known as Posta which later became Postbank. She's also the first trained African nurse in Kakamega and is the mother of Raila Odinga's wife, Ida. She is still alive. Did you know that ...

SCHOOLS: CHAVAKALE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL was the first Harambee day secondary school in Kenya

PARLIAMENT: Cannon WWW Awori was the first Luhya to enter the Legislative Council (current parliament). The Year was 1952.

PARLIAMENT: John Baraza Khaoya from Bungoma was the first African Seargent at Arms of the Legislative Council (Now Parliament)

EDUCATION: Mr Joseph Otiende from Maragoli was the 1st Minister of Education in Independent Kenya. The Year was 1963

EDUCATION: Christopher S Khaemba (principal Alliance Boys) is the 1st Dean of African Leadership Academy (Johannesburg). He takes over in Sept. 2008. See Profile

EDUCATION: Mr Nicholas Pius Wabuyabo was the first African Headmaster of St. Peter's Mumias Boys Primary School. He is now Deceased.

EDUCATION: Mr William Melchizedek Okech was the 1st African Headmaster of Maseno High School. He was from Bunyore

TRANSPORT: Nabongo Mumia was the first Luhya to own a bicycle and later a car
COLONIAL: Elijah Masinde of Dini ya Msambwa was the first Luhya to resist colonial rule

MEDICINE: Prof Hillary Ojiambo from Samia was the 1st cardiologist in sub-Saharan Africa? He is now deceased. His widow, is Dr Julia Ojiambo

MEDICINE: Prof Nelson Awori from Samia pioneered renal transplant in Kenya. Now deceased

MEDICINE: Dr Majale from Samia was the 1st Orthopaedic surgeon in Kenya. Now deceased

MEDICINE: Prof. Gabriel Anabwani from Bunyore (Kilingili), is the first Director, Baylor College of Medicine in Gaberone, Botswana.

NURSING: Rose Ayuya Oloo born in Khwisero, Kisa, was the first African Nurse. She trained in Kakamega and is the mother of Raila Odinga's wife, Ida. She is still alive. She is also the first African to open a bank account then known as Posta.

INTERNET: Joseph Mukuna Ekhuya Simekha from Bunyore is the founding president of Unarete, the Africa chapter of the international organisation devoted to bridging the digital divide.

INTERNET: Ayisi Makatiani is co-founder of Africa Online, the largest ISP in Africa outside of South Africa. He has been voted top CEO in EA several times.

MARITIME: Juvenal Shiundu from Mumias is the first naval architect in Sub Saharan Africa

MATHEMATICS: Prof Morris Alala from Butsotso was the first ethnic professor of mathematics in Kenya. Now deceased

NUTRION: Prof Ruth Oniang'o is teh first professor of nutirtion in Kenya and 1st woman professor of nutrition in sub Saharan Africa.

WOMEN: Dr Julia Ojiambo from Funyula, Busia is the 1st Luhya MP after independence, 1st woman assistant minister in Kenya; the 1st female lecturer at University of Nairobi. Read her amazing story.

WOMEN: Mrs Priscilla Agufwana Abwavo from Maragoli is the 1st Luhya female to go sit in parliament before independence; then known as Legco. She lives in Kitale

WOMEN: Prof Ruth Oniang'o is the first woman professor of nutrition science in sub Saharan Africa. She is also the first professor of nutrition in Kenya.

CHURCH: Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga (1923-2003) was the first and so far only Kenyan to be made a Cardinal by the Pope.

LAW: Sibi Okumu from Busia was the first African Magistrate. He was appointed in 1965

Source: http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/home.html


Friday, December 07, 2007

Guests List (Kibaki 1 Million per plate Dinner)

Deepak Kamani - Owner of Anglo Leasing, wanted by Kenya Police but managed to dine without being arrested
Paul Ndungu - Front man for Chris Murungaru looted billions
Nat Kangethe - Looter of Kenya Meat Commission
Kamlesh Pattni - Owner of Goldenberg, single largest scandal in East African history
Nicholas Biwott - Kanu hawk and future VP if Kibaki wins, looter of Turkwell Gorge, murderer of Ouko
Joe Wanjui - Owner of Steadman, allocated massive plots in Upperhill during Kenyatta times
Fr Wamugunda - Pervert catholic priest, lover of Martha Karua
Amos Kimunya - ex Finance Minister, allocated massive plots when Minister of Lands, involved in the illegal sale of Telkom
Njenga Karume - failed businessman, allocated and sold huge land in Nakuru to Government, Mungiki godfather
John Michuki - failed businessman, owner of Windsor , built on stolen land, Director of Triple A capital, connected to Kenya Pipeline scandal at beginning of Kibaki term, RATTLESNAKE
Ephraim Maina - owner of Kirinyaga Construction, refrred to as "cowboy contractor" as he never completes any job, recent loser of PNU nominations
Naushad Merali - Looter of Moi era, severally mentioned in the Kroll Report
Mukhisa Kituyi - broke Minister who suddenly purchased a chopper from proceeds of Sugar scam deals
Peter Munga - Chairman, Equity Bank, involved in financing recent poll violence through his bank
Jimnah Mbaru - Chairman, Dyer and Blair, man who caused a drop in the NSE due to loose talk
Simeon Kirgotty - Registrar of Motor Vehicles, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Prof Abdul-Aziz Shankat - Former Deputy-Vice Chancellor Egerton University, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Peter Mwangi, MD ICDCI, involved in the collapse of Uchumi, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Cyrus Gituai - Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Dr Romano Kiome - Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Duncan Wachira - Former Police Commissioner, presided over pathetic tribunal sham that cleared Arthur Brothers of any wrong
Eddy Njoroge - Head of Kengen, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
Titus Mbathi - Chairman Kengen, Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign
B. D. Shah - Chairman, Bidco Industries, partner of Nicholas Biwott, involved in stealing Uganda protected land
And the list goes on...