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Impunity or Sacrificial Lambs?

One narrow question is defining the reform agenda in Kenya. "What's in this for our tribe?" or "How does our tribe stand to benefit from the political reform?" Honestly, these type of questions are hardly reflective of that critical agenda. Instead, Kibaki, Raila & all foreigners interested in the development of Kenya must explain to Kenyans not what's in it for their tribes but what's in it for all Kenyans. In short, these principals must demand of the Kenyan people that they be willing participants in realizing the change they believe the country needs. Any heads that role MUST ONLY do so if expediency, professionalism, efficiency, and, above all, national-interest will be realized. Otherwise we can sacrifice as many innocent and "weak" professionals as we want but as long as our political leaders continue calling the shots on how and when and where justice should be dispensed but that will not bring about the democratic and structural change that we all crave for in Kenya!
Osudi Mukhone Wa Nakhayo

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We Endorse Cyprian Nyamwamu for Bomachoge!

Cyprian Orina Nyamwamu is a comrade, friend and my immediate predecessor as the Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party of Kenya.

He has thrown his hat in the ring to be the next Member of Parliament for the Bomachoge constituency in Nyanza Province. The by-election is taking place on August 27, 2009.

Even though he is running on a different party ticket, I am convinced that he is the best candidate in the field and if I had not registered in Makadara constituency in Nairobi, I would have certainly traveled to Ogembo to vote for him.
- Onyango Oloo

Below is his announcement making it official:

Communiqué from Mtumishi Cyprian Orina Nyamwamu to all our people in Bomachoge Constituency

This by election is for us to form a strong Bomachoge partnership for change!

We need a change from the way we have been doing things in the past.

We shall stop electing passengers to Parliament and elect a wise, humble, courageous and visionary leader for change.

We shall elect a leader who restates our Bill of Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the great Republic of Kenya.

We shall elect a Patriotic Kenyan who believes that all Kenyans are born equal and that all Kenyans deserve a chance.

This is why I, Mtumishi Cyprian Orina Nyamwamu

Seek your vote to represent and serve the people of Bomachoge in Parliament.

Today, 4th August 2009, I have presented my nomination papers to vie for the Bomachoge by elections on a Safina ticket.

I now humbly, tender this application to all the men, women, children and Voters of Bomachoge constituency to elect Me, Mtumishi Cyprian Orina Nyamwamu for as Member of Parliament for Bomachoge.

1. This is my application to all the voters of Bomachoge constituency:

I shall be running to become your Member of Parliament for Bomachoge on August 27, 2009. Your vote is not only for you but also for your children, your family and the whole constituency. It is a vote to end poverty in Bomachoge; Family after Family, Village after Village.

My Campaign has established committees in all the 130 polling stations. Each Polling station Committee has 20 leaders. Each polling Station Committee leader is responsible for coordinating the door to door campaigns being carried out by volunteers for my campaign. My Campaign is working to deliver for change at every polling station. This will be the opportunity for all of us Bomachoge citizens to elect wisely.

2. Kenyans, Kofi Annan, Barrack Obama and the world shall be watching.

I have a right to lead this constituency. I am a serious candidate. I am a true, courageous, proud, visionary and competent. I am a son of this constituency. I am Leader not a follower.

This by- election is at the right time, when history is on the move and Africans are taking charge of their destiny.

The whole of Kenya shall be in Bomachoge.

This is the time to put Bomachoge in the Kenyan Map by electing a tested and tried visionary leader.

3. Elect a leader with an Agenda.

We shall not allow our people to get lost again. We do not want people to regret once again after casting their ballot on August 27; we must become clear that the time for electing PASSENGERS is over. This is the time to elect a leader:

Who shall unite our people! We want the end of the DIVIDE and RULE.

Who shall wisely and courageously fight for our youth to get employment and skills.

Who shall fight for our farmers to get better incomes for their tea.

Who shall fight for our business people to access credit and markets

Who shall be trusted with our CDF and resources such as LATF

Who understands how government works.

Who understands how parliament works.

Who understands how the judiciary works.

Who understands how the provincial administration works

Who understands how Kenya works as a members of EAC, IGADD, the AU, the UN.

Who understands the National Accord and Agenda Number 4 so that we can work to end poverty, inequalities, devolve resources, strength our institutions and end the 800,000 cases piling in the courts; so that we shall punish those who sponsor killings of others like we saw in 2007/8.

We want to elect a leader not a passenger in Parliament.

We want a leader who shall Market Bomachoge in Kenya and Africa and increase investments through forming and strengthening new cooperatives, new Companies, new Business Associations, new NGOs, new Trusts and New Foundations.

We want a leader who shall fight for the Bomachoge and the Kenya we Want by fighting corruption and holding government to be account and ensuring that Goldenberg, Anglo leasing and other corruption cases are resolved and never repeated again. There are many cases of corruption in the budget such as the Kenren fertilizer company that we keep paying hundreds of millions for every year yet the fertilizer factory is NON EXISTENT! We want this corruption to stop so that people can get medicines in hospitals and roads can be built..

We want a leader who shall deliver better hospitals, better education, better roads, and better services in offices, electricity and a better environment; water and security for all of us.

We want a leader who shall fight crime.

These are the issues of this election. I know that I can deliver on this Agenda.

4. No violence no Voter bribery and vote buying.

We shall ensure that there is NO VIOLENCE and there is ZERO TOLERACE to voter buying and voter bribery. This by-election is not for people to be given money.

We must vote with our brains. This By election is for us to write the exam properly NOT to be given money. All of us must wake up on August 27 and vote wisely. We want this election to be peaceful, free and fair. We want EVERY registered voter to turn up and vote wisely.

5. My first 100 Days in office as Bomachoge MP:

5.1 Bomachoge Foundation
1) Samwel Onuko
2) Dismas Oyieko
3) Dr. Naftali Oirere
4) Eucabeth Obara
5) Joram Makori
6) Gideon Achwoga
7) Onyancha Ombongi
8) Morris Mbegera
9) Lumumba Onderi

5.2 Bomachoge Constituency Convention Assembly

3 represntatives from each polling station Shall meet every six months and its Steering committee shall meet every three months. It shall have the following working committees that shall be serving every two years:-

A. Public Administration and Security public administration chiefs, Dos, DC, DDC, Provincial administration.
• the police and police service
• Policy and legislation
• Land boards
• County, Town and municipal council administration
• security strategy
• performance monitoring and evaluation
• population policy
• family and social issues
• Culture and cultural policies
• council of elders
• arbitration and traditional conflict resolution system

B Infrastructure, And Urbanization Committee
• Communications and IT
• Transport
• Electricity and energy sources
• Special Programmes and disaster management
• Roads and bridges
• Sports stadia
• Social halls
• Markets and trading centers

C. Education, Training and Placement Committee
• Performance of public and private primary and secondary Schools
• Village polytechnics and artisan skills
• Career advice and counseling
• Colleges and university education Programme
• Human resource, personnel and career development
• Link with university students
• Job placements
• Entrepreneurship training

D. Health And Human Services Committee
• Sanitation and preventive health
• Medical services, staffing, facilities and financing
• Alcohol and drugs control and treatment services
• Maternal health
• First aid services
• Public health education
• Planned parenthood/ family planning services
• HIV AIDS control and treatment
• Social protection for the poor and vulnerable
• Persons with disabilities

E. Environmental Conservation And Renewal Committee
• Community conservation committees (CCC)in each of the sub locations
• Rivers
• Wetlands – ebirubo
• Water catchments areas
• Soil conservation
• Agro-forestry
• Environmental assessments

F. Agriculture, Livestock And Food Security Committee
• Tea sector reforms and capacity building
• Banana sector income building strategy
• Cash crops development Programme
• Nutrition farming and food security strategy
• Land use policy and incentives framework
• Livestock expansion and modernization Programme
• Agro processing

G. Investments, Commerce And Resource Mobilization Committee
• Banking services and insurance
• Cooperative sector development ( the Partnership Cooperative Development
• The Bomachoge Business Council
• Markets administration and development
• Trade insurance
• Investment support and services

H. CDF and Projects Committee
• We want this committee to be elected by the people’s delegates. If we had each polling station electing 5 delegates to the meet at each location, then each location can elect 20 delegates to the Constituency Electoral College for purposes of electing the 15 members of the CDF committees
• The Committee’s functions and roles are clearly outlined under the Act but what we now must do is to make this process more consultative, open and transparent.

I. Liaison, Policy And Dialogue Committee
• Serve as the Development Policy Think Tank or coordinate policy think
• Liaison with the KNUT , workers,
• Civil society
• Liaison with the National debates and policy processes
• Liaison with the Gusii Development forums

I will be recommending for your approval Jesse Onsando to head this committee since he has already taken up the responsibilities of representing Bomachoge constituency in the Gusii Professionals Development Forum.

J. The Bomachoge Constituency Convention Assembly Steering Committee
• Shall constitute each of the conveners and secretaries of the 9 committees, the convener of the women Convention, convener of the youth convention and convener of the Teachers and workers' representative.
• Shall meet every six months
• Shall receive reports from the MP on his performance
• Shall receive reports from each town council and county council on the
application of funds and the performance of each elected civic leader.
• Shall convene ward convention assemblies which shall receive reports of
performance of each elected and nominated councilor every four months as
outlined here in.

5.3 Elect CDF committee

Each of the 7 locations shall nominate 30 leaders making it a total of 210 leaders meeting to elect the 15 members of CDF

5.4 The Gucha Community Progress Complex
Bomachoge should urgent build a complex that shall be the engine of transformation in Bomachoge. The Complex shall house
1) The Gucha Cultural and Multi-Purpose Hall
2) School for special needs children
3) Offer High quality Civic and Conference centre and hostels
4) Diploma and certificates courses in liaison with KIM and Kenyatta
5) Farmers Training college
6) Offer Banking Halls for several banks to take advantage of the business
potential in Gucha
7) House the Bomachoge SACCO

5.5 Within 200 Days,
Institute the Adopt-a-school-Programme in all the primary and secondary schools in Bomachoge Constituency.

5.6 Hold a walk
To raise the first 5 Million shillings for a Widows and orphans programme

6. United we stand, divided we shall fall!

This by election is a blessing. It is our time to unite and stop the divide and rule tactic that has been used to fragment us and keep us poor. The way forward is for each and every one of us; kera omosweta; to be a Partner for Change.

Join the Partnership for Change and together we shall form a strong movement for change in Bomachoge and work with the rest of the nation to change our lives. When united we shall work for a better future. We shall end poverty family by family, village by village! This election is therefore about you and not about Mtumishi Nyamwamu or this politician or that. This election is the by-election of HOPE in Bomachoge.

HOPE for employment for our youth
HOPE for unity
HOPE for visionary, selfless and Courageous Leadership
HOPE for better use of CDF
HOPE for the protection and promotion of the rights of each and everyone in
HOPE for a better education for every child
HOPE for farmers to earn better incomes for their tea and other produce
HOPE for better medication
HOPE for better roads and infrastructure
HOPE for security in our homes and business premises
HOPE for electricity and water for our constituency
HOPE for a united, peaceful and prosperous Kenyan nation

So vote wisely. Make sure you vote for your life and the life of your children.

God bless you.

Your friend

Cyprian Orina Nyamwamu, Mtumishi

Partnership for Change.

To Support the Cyprian Nyamwamu Campaign:

M-PESA - 0710 412 236

To read profile and issues of the Bomachoge campaign:

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Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

KENYA has taken a bold and firm stance in rejecting as” old and obsolete” all colonial agreements signed many years ago between her former colonial power, the Great Britain, Egypt and Sudan on the use of shared waters of both Lake Victoria and River Nile.

This was one of the ten points resolution contained in the draft statement issued to the press at the end of a one day workshop held at the lakeside City of Kisumu.

The workshop dubbed, ”awareness and creation of sensitivities on the proposed Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement [CFA}”, was held at the posh Imperial Hotel, and was attended by five cabinet Ministers of the Kenya government and more than 20 members of Parliament and senior government officials and experts from the East African Community.

The attending ministers were, Water Development Minister Mrs Charity K. Ngilu, the Minister for Public Services Dalmas Otieno, the Minister for Lands James Aggrey Orengo, the Minister for Fisheries Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma and the Minister for East African Affairs Jefferson Amason Kingi.

MPs present were Hon Peter Njuguna Gitau,Hon Ababu Namwamba,Hon John Olago Aluoch, Hon Fred Outa, Hon Prof Patrick Ayirecho Olueny,Hon David Koech,Hon,Silas Washiali,Hon.Shakeel Ahmed Shabir,Hon Elijah Lagat,Hon Oyugi Magwanga, and Hon. Yusuf Chanzu.

The draft resolution was read to newsmen by the chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Rev Mutava Musyimi. It said in part, “The importance of the Lake Victoria Basin water resources and the on-going negotiations on the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework {CFA} were some of the major issues discussed”.

It went on to state that during the consultations on the above issues, the Kenyan Mps noted with great concern that Lake Victoria is a national and natural asset that is very key to the survival and development of Kenya within the lake basin and the nation as a whole.’.

The more details of facts and figures regarding Lake Victoria water resources is required as different riparian countries appeared to hold unreconciled data. In other words the riparian countries appear not to be reading from the same script.

The Ministers and MPs resolved that the downstream riparian countries, specifically, the Sudan and Egypt, which contributes very little water into the basin and yet are the largest users of the waters do not contribute to investments and management of the water catchments in the upper riparian countries which sustain the Lake Victoria and the River Nile.

They resolved that all the previous legal instruments on which they {Sudan and Egypt] seem to rely on are now moribund and therefore have no current validity.

The Ministers and MPs further noted with great concern that the water level in Lake Victor attributed to the unregulated release of water from Lake Victoria through the Owen Falls and Bujagali hydro power stations in Jinja, Uganda. “This has seriously undetermined development projects in Kenya and must be brought under control”, the statement said, adding that Kenya must assess the net benefits of being party to the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework agreements before the same is adopted and endorsed by the National Assembly.

The participants defiantly declared that meanwhile, and before the conclusion and ratification of the cooperative framework, Kenya will continue to invest in projects within its side of the basin that will impact positively and advance its interests without regard to the old and obsolete agreements.

The workshop further resolved that the article of the framework confer obligations to riparian member countries who otherwise do not benefit equally from implementation of the agreement. A fund will be established to be applied in the management of water catchment areas and the same be entrenched in the agreement.

It was further noted that the two downstream riparian states namely Sudan and Egypt have an obligation to make substantial contributions towards environmental conservation and sustainable development of the water catchment areas, specifically in the Kenya’s highlands.

The Ministers and the legislators resolved that more consultations should be undertaken to create consensus and awareness amongst stakeholders before ratification.

At the workshop, speaker after speaker severely criticized Ugandan of being dishonest with its partner states in the EAC and for recklessness in releasing Lake Victoria waters to the downstream riparian.

It was also disclosed during the deliberations at the workshop that Tanzania has unilaterally taken the bold steps of using Lake Victoria waters for irrigating its rice fields with remarkable success and in total disregard to the existing agreements signed many years ago, while that country was still known as Tanganyika under the British Colonies. The speakers urged Kenya to follow suit.

In her opening remarks, the Kenyan Water Development Minister Mrs Charity K. Ngilu said the workshop’s main objective was meant to create awareness among Members of Parliament on the Nile Basin Initiative. It was deliberately organized by her Ministry to enhance awareness to MPs and seek their support in discussing and rallying the Cooperative Framework Agreement once it is brought before Parliament.

The Minister told the participants that Lake Victoria is a very important water resource to the people of Kenya and hence indispensable to the nation.

The Lake Victoria Basin alone harbors 54 percent of the Kenya’s surface water resources and about 50 per cent of the country’s population entirely rely on the waters of the Lake Victoria Basin on the Kenyan side.

She went on, ”The efficient and effective utilization of the waters of Lake Vitoria and the rivers feeding into the lake is crucial to our country, and plays a great role in the development of various sectors, especially in the field of agricultural activities, hydro power, domestic use and environmental balance. “In order to effectively develop and use the shared water resources of the Nile River Basin, there is need to have a level playing field that allows mobilization of the required resources for such development”, she added.

Ngilu said that it is regrettable that today there is no Nile River Agreement that is in force and which is acceptable to the ten Nile Basin States. This, she said, is because the existing agreements were not negotiated by the independent Nile Basin riparian states, and were based on rights and not equitable and reasonable utilization of the shared water resources as they ought to have benefits.

It is indeed on this understanding, she said, that Kenya as a riparian state of the Nile Basin had agreed to go to the negotiation table with other states.

The Minister said that it is against this background that Kenya’s position, with regards to these existing colonial agreements has been very clear and equivocal, that such colonial agreements, that were never negotiated by the independent Kenya are not binding her.

It is on the same note that the Draft Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement that has been negotiated for more than ten years be signed and ratified.

The Minister said that in order to achieve a peaceful and sustainable utilization of any shared resources, the states must cooperate, which requires an agreement that provides clearly the rights and obligation of each state that are regulated by an established River Nile Basin Commission, as the proposed Nile River Basin Commission..

Since its inception in 1997, Kenya has benefited from some tangible projects initiated through the Nile Basin Initiative. “The contribution of these projects to socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, and enhancement of food security among the basin communities cannot be overemphasized”, said added.

She also talked about part of article 14 [b] on water security that is provided to replace the article on existing agreements on water security. The Council of Ministers met in DRC Congo during the month of May this year, where the negotiated Cooperative Framework Agreement was adopted, and further agreed to annex article 14[b] that will be resolved through consultation within six months.

Again, she explained, from 2006-2007, the Nile Council of Ministers held discussions on the Draft Cooperative Framework Agreement and concluded by agreeing on all articles except 14[b]