Monday, February 13, 2006

Leadership Seminar in Tanzania -How a Leader Changes Values

How a Leader Changes Values

Place: Mwanza, Tanzania
Dates: April 3rd-6th, 2006.
Facilitator: Dr. Arthur Burk-From USA

This seminar is a highly interactive training designed to help people who are currently in leadership to learn what values are needed for their organization to progress, and how to build those values into their followers without manipulation or force.

This is the first of three seminars. Graduates of this seminar who successfully implement the principles in their organizations, will be invited to the subsequent events to be held approximately in August and December.

April 3-6, 2006
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
St. Dominic's Nyakakhoja Catholic Pastoral Center

Hosted by:
Liberty Institute of Tanzania

Presented by:
Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc.

For registration or additional information, contact:

Rev. Gerald Baraza

Liberty Institute,
P.O.BOX 1770,
Telephone: +255-28-2560991
Cell phone: +255-745-953-089

E-mail: geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com

A value is an abstract concept that we voluntarily embrace at the expense of personal pain. Our values determine the pain we will embrace. One person gets higher education even though it costs a great deal of pain (money, time spent studying, etc). Another person opts to go to work right out of high school. It is their value system that determines what pain a person considers worth embracing. One person works hard making money and that requires a certain amount of pain. Another embraces a lot of pain to become an athlete. Yet another embraces a different kind of pain to become a leader in the civil government. None of these is morally right or wrong. Each is an expression of what that person values. What we value will determine the pain we are willing to embrace.
The core issue in terms of leadership is that you can never, ever achieve greatness in any sector without voluntarily embracing pain. You can get lucky and end up with a lot of money through the lottery, but that is not greatness, only wealth. Greatness in leadership requires a person to steadfastly embrace PRODUICTIVE pain while carefully avoiding unproductive pain.

This seminar will explore more fully the role of values in leadership, will identify the values that are currently in place in each leader then study which values need to be added to the equation in order for them to reach their own objective. The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that the dreamer talks a good line but does not embrace the strategic pain necessary to arrive at the proclaimed goal. A visionary has a realistic plan and is willing to embrace the pain to execute the plan effectively.

The final facet of this seminar is to teach the leaders how to change the values of their followers without guile or manipulation so that their followers are more and more willing to pay the wise price to achieve excellence instead of opting for the cheap promises of immediate comfort.

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