Thursday, April 10, 2008


Whereas the whole world knows that the General election was stolen in Kenya in December 2007 and;

Whereas so many lives have been lost because of a few greedy,arrogant,myopic and unpatriotic Kenyans and;

Whereas too much energy, resources and time has been invested in the peace-agreement and;

Whereas the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has exercised unnecessary patience,sacrifice understanding and patriotism and;

Whereas the Party of National Unity (PNU) and her affiliates have remained childish, stupid, arrogant, unreasonable and untrustworthy and;

Whereas all avenues of giving the people of Kenya hope have been explored in vain and;

Whereas innocent Kenyans of all ethnic groups continue to suffer for no apparent reason and;

Whereas Kenyans cannot continue to be held at ransom by uncouth, barbaric and useless leaders and;

Whereas democracy, peace and tranquility need to be restored in Kenya immediately:

The Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement calls for the following

1.The immediate pull-out of the Orange Democratic Movement and her affiliate parties from the current Government "coalition" in Kenya.

2. The calling of fresh general elections to be held in Kenya within three (3) months.

3.The immediate disbarment of the current Electoral Commission of Kenya.

4. The constitution of a respectable, neutral and professional Electoral Commission in Kenya.

5.The suspension of aid to Kenya by all donors until a legitimate government is elected and sworn in Kenya.

6.The suspension and barring of visas on all Government of Kenya officials by the USA, European Union and Nato member countries.

Gerald Baraza,President
Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement.

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