Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Maina Njenga’s Release & Why not sue for defamation?

To say that am surprised will be an understatement.
Calls for Maina Njenga’s release by the so called Central Kenya
Elders are very unfortunate to say the least. Maina Njenga is yet to be charged for his association with the Mungiki. He is behind bars for the simple reason that he was found in possession of a firearm (without a license). So, if he is to be released, then why don’t we release all those
behind bars on similar charges? Maina isn’t special as far
as the law is concerned hence incase he is released then I demand that
we release all those caught with fire arms.

I rest my case.


Alan E Masakhalia
Why not sue for defamation?

Our defense minister continues to baffle many with his unwavering
notion that it is the civilians who are torturing their brothers and then
handing them over to the harmless army officers. If this is the case then I would ask that the military shows to the world one of those civilians that has been supplying them with already tortured SLDF suspects.

Alternatively, since more people are blaming the military for their
injuries then I would ask that our good minister Hon. Yusuf Haji takes
legal action against them. Why then is he allowing them to taint the
good name of the armed forces?

Over to you bwana minister.


Alan E Masakhalia.

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