Monday, July 14, 2008

The Krigler & Waki Commissions – A total waste of time?

Hallow fellow Kenyans,

Much as I appreciate the need to "uncover" the truth, commissions of
inquiry haven't done Kenyans proud in the past. The ndung'u report on
grabbed land, the Goldenberg report, the Ouko inquiry etc etc continue
to gather dust at statehouse (their contents remain unknown to the
ordinary Kenyan).

How sure can we be that the Krigler & Waki inquiries will have their
recommendations made public, leave alone being implemented?

Serious questions arise, and Krigler's & Waki's is credibility is
based on the answers to the following main questions

• In the event that it emerges that PNU actually won (thanks to one
province). Will Hon.Raila resign as Prime minister and take up the
post of official opposition leader?
• If the elections were actually rigged and that PNU had infact lost,
will Baba Jimmy apologise to Kenyans and then leave for Othaya?
• If indeed it is made clear that the police used excessive force.
Will the Police Commissioner Major Gen.Ali be fired? (especially now
that he says he regrets nothing – not even the Rambo movie part)
• If it emerges that the polls were rigged, will Kivuitu be thrown
behind bars?

If the answer to any of these main questions is NO, then both
commissions are a waste of the public's time & resources.

By the way, most Kenyans will agree that the voting and the counting
went on very well. Trouble only began at the KICC during tallying when
it became clear that PNU was actually on its way out of power.
Why then is Krigler spending so much time & energy going to Nyamira,
Kacheliba, Nyeri, Butula etc etc???
Will he ever question Jack Tumwa, and the other commissioners
Hon.Kibaki appointed unilaterally??
Will he ever ask Kivuitu exactly how it took 3 days "transporting"
bloated results from Kiambaa to KICC (Kiambaa is a mere 30 mins
journey to town).

See why am not so enthusiastic about these money guzzling inquiries???

Yours truly,
Alan E Masakhalia

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Kiprop Bett said...

true, this is a waste of time.

am sure either way - kibaki wont relinquish power.