Saturday, August 08, 2009

Impunity or Sacrificial Lambs?

One narrow question is defining the reform agenda in Kenya. "What's in this for our tribe?" or "How does our tribe stand to benefit from the political reform?" Honestly, these type of questions are hardly reflective of that critical agenda. Instead, Kibaki, Raila & all foreigners interested in the development of Kenya must explain to Kenyans not what's in it for their tribes but what's in it for all Kenyans. In short, these principals must demand of the Kenyan people that they be willing participants in realizing the change they believe the country needs. Any heads that role MUST ONLY do so if expediency, professionalism, efficiency, and, above all, national-interest will be realized. Otherwise we can sacrifice as many innocent and "weak" professionals as we want but as long as our political leaders continue calling the shots on how and when and where justice should be dispensed but that will not bring about the democratic and structural change that we all crave for in Kenya!
Osudi Mukhone Wa Nakhayo

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