Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 Michigan State Senate Race: Commissioner David LaGrand!

On January 6th 2010— Grand Rapids City Commissioner David LaGrand is expected to stand before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in one of the most populated estates in Grand Rapids,MI to formally announce his candidacy for the Grand Rapids and Kentwood-based 29th Michigan Senate District seat that is currently held by Republican Rep. Dave Hildenbrand.It is the most Democratic district currently held by a Republican, going by Barack Obama's winning margin. It is basically all of the city of Grand Rapids plus a few suburbs. Both Republicans and Democrats have decent benches here, but Democrats have been making gains lately.

Unlike others who have opposed fully funding education, revenue sharing for Grand Rapids, Kentwood and other cities, and have been unwilling to look for constructive bi-partisan solutions to economic problems, Commissioner LaGrand, an attorney by profession with a solid Christian background, is expected to present himself as an agent of generational change who given an opportunity will transform a State government hobbled by cynicism, petty corruption and a smallness of politics. He is also expected to present his plan on how to transform the state’s educational system and harness various local and international resources to boost Michigan’s economy. It is expected that LaGrand will have a vibrant grassroots network that will harness support and votes among the people. Like in Kenya and many other parts of the world, winning an election in Michigan involves funds, connections, and a well-oiled political machine. Whoever combines these three effectively takes the day.

Reliable sources indicate that Commissioner LaGrand has what it takes to win the State Senate race. Most democrats and a sizable number of Republics that we have talked to say they will be inclined to support Commissioner LaGrand since he has a more balanced worldview and tends to be more rational when he discusses issues that are close to their hearts.Bill Ballenger, editor of Inside Michigan Politics, says "Democrats look poised to pick up at least 3 seats" next year. If they take the Senate and hold the Governorship, they will have complete control over the redistricting process.Democrats have not controlled the State Senate since 1982. We will keep you updated on the developments.

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