Saturday, March 20, 2010

UN resolution on weapons in the Somalia region.

The United Nations Security Council working group monitoring the flow of Weapons into Somalia and sanctions against Eritrea has had its mandate extended for another 12 months. The Kenyan Diaspora Pro-Democracy Movement feels that an unstable Somalia is a direct threat to the National Security of Kenya and the entire East African region.

Hitherto, Kenya should undertake the obligations and recomendations that have been
made under Resolution 1916 (2010) to prevent the politicization and misappropriation of the Aid that has been donated by other parties. The KDPM also calls upon the Kenyan Government to cooperate with the UN investigations whenever its members are in Kenya or in the region. We also urge support in whatever form whenever it is needed.

Margaret C. Kimosop,
Vice President, KDPM