Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Fellow Diasporians & Friends of Diaspora, Further to a resolution from last week’s Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) teleconference, we now proceed to constitute the Task Committees agreed. This process shall be on merit, equitable, inclusive, and transparent to the extent possible. We call upon as many eligible Kenyans (Diasporians or Diaspora friends) to offer themselves and/or be nominated to serve on the committees. Please circulate this call as widely as possible across your networks. The three colleagues who helped draft the last Press Briefing (Dada Mkawasi, Nd. Robin & Nd. Kerre) could help also circulate this among the media houses for wider reach. Below are criteria proposed for those to serve in the Task Committees. Allow me to acknowledge the initial thoughts on this coming from Nd. Peter Kerre/DJ XPect (KDV – New York), with refinements and additional inputs from Dada Sheila Kangu (KEPWA – Dar es Salaam, TZ), Robinson Gichuhi (DMK/G47 – St Louis, Missouri), Gerald Baraza (KPDM – Michigan, USA), Thomas Musau (DCP – London, UK), and myself (NVK-M/G47, Juba South Sudan). This call for nominees/volunteers opens immediately, and remains so until close of business, Thursday 29th March, 5pm Kenya time. Once the names of applicants and profiles (where needed) are received, the Presidents/Chairpersons/Moderators/Convenors of affiliate organizations in KDA will switch into action, sieve through and appoint the Task Committee Members, with terms of reference, scope of work and timelines given. The more proposers/seconders the better, but even single or self proposed/nominated shall be considered. Nominations should be forwarded to Nd. Gerald Baraza and/or Robinson Gichuhi. geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com, robinsonconnection@gmail.com Many thanks and best regards, Shem, Juba —– Begin Proposed Criteria —- . For technical team, qualifications we ask for are: - Election experience as a decision maker - Electronic Voting expertise or experience - Information Technology Architecture, design, and/or security. Over 5 yrs experience - Experience in at least one national election cycle - Preferably politically non-partisan and with high integrity (doesn’t have to be all of the above combined…can be electoral or technical expertise) (resume needed) B. For Legal team - Registered lawyer in respective country and advocate of High Court of Kenya - Political scientist versed with public policy and new katiba - Practicing politician or political activist versed with public policy and new katiba (resume needed) C. For Viral/Communications team - Must demonstrate that they have a wide outreach to masses of the Kenya diaspora community via Facebook, twitter, and/or mailing lists - Practicing or professional journalist, communication/public relations specialist, or proven marketer - Newsmaker or public/large scale opinion shaper (no resume needed but proof of connections needed, save for professionals for whom resumes are needed] D. For Finance team - Fundraising expertise and history Strong business community ties and/or professional networks - Financial background (resume needed and proof of connects) [All candidates above must either be Diaspora, conversant with Diaspora issues, and/or demonstrated friend of Diaspora] —- END —-

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