Thursday, May 26, 2016

CORD gets support on calls for IEBC commissioners to vacate office.

– The calls by the CORD for reconstituting of IEBC have received a boost after Kenyans in the diaspora joined to demand the same.

– The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) also wants the CORD and Jubilee to sit and sort out their differences amicably.

Kenyans in the diaspora have called upon the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials to vacate office as demanded by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

Through a statement wired to newsrooms, the Kenyans through their alliance, the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), has said that it is irked by the recent developments where violence broke out when the CORD called upon its supporters to protest against the IEBC.

We call for cross-board consensus in seeking a legal, civilized, fair and acceptable solution to the current stalemate.

KDA blames IEBC for the developments, saying the commissioners should put the country ahead of their personal interests.
We especially call upon the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and its secretariat to soul search and put the greater good of the country before self.

IEBC is the one in the eye of the storm and the single trigger of the current violence. IEBC’s mishandling of the BVR kits that led to bungled 2013 elections and disputed results, allegations of dizzying levels of corruption against the commissioners, and their blatant disregard for constitutional and legal electoral provisions to favour preferred candidates and political parties have collectively rendered the continued presence of some of the commissioners in office anachronistic.
The constitution provides that any Kenyan above the age of 18 years, including those in the diaspora, may register to vote. Kenyan courts of competent jurisdiction have ordered the IEBC to register Kenyans in the diaspora to enable them to participate in general and presidential elections, but the IEBC has ignored the constitutional provisions on the voting rights of diaspora Kenyans and defied court orders on the same.
There are constitutional provisions regarding how the IEBC can be disbanded. However, constitutional and legal provisions do not preclude honourable actions of principle, and time comes when honour must transcend constitutional and legal provisions. It is also critical that the government too thoroughly, swiftly and fairly investigate various allegations of impropriety against adversely mentioned individual commissioners so that those found culpable can face the full force of law to send out a stern warning that Kenyans can no longer tolerate unethical conduct of government officers or their abuse of office.”

Written by Edward Chweya
Tuko News

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