Friday, November 25, 2005

Kenyan Politics!

Dear Kenyans,

I have been watching the developments in the Kenyan politics with a lot of interest. I think it will take a miracle for President Kibaki to survive the pressure that is facing him and continue to rule Kenya.

At first I thought he was genuine when he assummed the presidency after signing the MoU.But as things turned out, he was clouded by the greedy Mt. Kenya mafia and he could not feel with the other Kenyans or sense that he was loosing grip of the country's political leadership.

One of the arms of the government that I seriously blame for this failure is the Special Intelligence. These guys are suppossed to have the real feeling of the common mwananchi and they are suppossed to brief the head of state on the direction that events are heading. It looks like they totally failed to keep the head of state informed on what was transpiring on the ground. The other thought that comes to mind is that they may have played their part faithfully but they were ignored by the head of state who chose to listen to his political cronies. The result is a total disaster.

The only alternative that I see for him right now is to accept to go back to the drawing board with the Orange team and accept their terms or remain adamant and be voted out in the next election. In fact the remaining two years may be a nightmare for him if he does not sit down with the Orange team and agree on crucial issues such as a timetable for coming up with a new constitution, sharing of power through equal sharing of "important" ministerial positions with other coalition partners etc.

The President also faces the crucial task of phasing out his close political advisors and confidents who have already fallen out with the Orange team. Unfortunately, these same politicians do not command any following across the country so they cannot use the power of the vote to bring them back to positions of prominence.

But one thing is commendable about President Kibaki, he is a gentleman in many ways and he does not rush to act. That is a major plus for him and if he uses it well, he may bounce back to power but with the Orange team leaders as his teammates

May God bless Kenya.

Gerald Baraza
E-mail: geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com

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