Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nyabisaga Ministry Report

August 2005 was a busy and rewarding month for us.The Free Methodist Church of Tanzania National Superintendent Fabian Kikoko, his deputy, Pastor Josephat M. Ntampaka and I left Mwanza on the 17th of August and traveled to Nairobi, Kenya where we attended a leadership and evangelism seminar. From there we traveled back to Tanzania on 21st and headed straight to Nyabisaga in Tarime District where we facilitated in a Pastors seminar. 12 Pastors attended the seminar together with their spouses. The following topics were covered:

1. Maintaining unity in the local church. 2.Ministerial tips to avoid discouragement. 3.Tent-making in the ministry. 4.The role of the Pastor’s spouse in the ministry.

The response was very positive. The attendants gave very positive feedback after the seminar. They requested that we hold a similar seminar in February next year. Please pray for us that this may be possible especially as far as funds are concerned.

On Sunday I shared the Word of God from 2 Kings 23:25 and 1 Samuel 4:12-18. I called on all who were present to avoid the mistakes of Eli who had eyes but he chose not to see the sins of his sons. He had the opportunity to bring about transformation in Israel but he did not take advantage of it. Later own he suffered for his lack of vision, irresponsibility and cowardice. Instead we should be like Josiah who despite his young age worshipped his God with his heart, mind, soul and strength. He saw the depth of Israel’s sins against their God and he courageously acted to bring about spiritual transformation. God commends him for it. 8 people gave their lives to Christ after the message. Let us pray for them that God may be with them as they begin a new and special journey in their lives.

After the worship service, Supt. Kikoko and I tried to travel back to Mwanza but we got stranded at Bunda. We arrived there at 4.45 p.m and found that all the public transport vehicles going to Mwanza had already left. Bunda is two hours drive to Mwanza. We spent the night in Bunda and traveled to Mwanza on Monday morning. I was happy to find my family safe and sound. I really appreciate the prayers of all those who prayed for us. God bless you so much.

Well, let’s continue praying for Supt. Lucas Maisori as he leads the Mara Jimbo/district that God may give him wisdom and patience. He is facing many challenges as far as the building of the pastor’s passion and endurance in the midst of hardships is concerned.

Let us also continue praying for all those who gave their lives to Jesus Christ that they may be nurtured in the Word so that they may grow up to be part of God’s army in this part of the world.

I want to thank each of you for covering me with your prayers during my time in Nairobi and Tarime.It would be impossible to do these ministry evaluation and evangelistic mission trips without your encouragement and financial support!
I am humbled and blessed that you have chosen to do so.

Areas of need : Please pray for the following things, which would greatly enhance the provision of sound training of the FMBC students if they were available:
1. Property for building facilities such as classrooms, a library, dormitories, dinning hall, etc
2. Volunteer Teachers for the following courses: November 2005 onwards: Worship, Prayer, Meditation, and Devotion, Christian Home and Marriage,: Christian Education 2. Theology, Bookkeeping, The Christian Witness, Discipling, World Evangelization, Free Methodist Church History, African Church History, Helping to Good English. 3. Games equipment: soccer balls, volleyballs, soccer shoes, etc 4. A keyboard for worship in the FMBC worship services. 5.Funds for the construction of the Nyamaheheiya local church.


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