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From Leo Odera Omolo

The utterances of the three members of Parliament from the diverse constituencies in Kipsigisland over the weekend are loud and clear indication of the on going undercurrent but intensive lobbying for ministerial positions within the ODM.

On the other hand William Ruto (Eldoret North) and Pentagon members has publicly confirmed that he is backing his fellow Pentagon member W.Musalia Mudavadi for the Deputy Prime Minister slot. The Sabatia MP was the running mate of Raila Odinga in the much flawed general election of December 2007.

Raila’s headache,however, is the latest demand echoed by the three Kipsigis MPs that the community had contributed a lot of votes to the ODM. And that it deserved to be compensated .The Kipsigis voted on a man to man basis for the ODM. The community captured all the 8 constituency for the ODM plus one in the Diaspora.

The three MPs were addressing mourners in Bureti district during the burial of the late J.K Kirum a former civic chairman of Litein Town Council .They were Kipkalia Kones,(Bomet) Dr.Kones (Konoin) and Franklin Bett (Buret)

The ODM bagged 33 parliamentary seats in the Rift Valley most of them having come from the two most populous sub-clans, namely,the Kipsigis and Nandis followed by Tugen Keiyo and Marakwet.

The Nandis comes the second after the Kipsigis.this particular community delivered four seats in Nandi South and North namely Aldai,Emgwen,Mosop, and Tinderet.Other areas outside Nandi inhabited districts are Cherangany in Trans Nzoia ,Eldoret North and South bringing the total to seven strength within the ODM group .t

The Tugen sib-clan comes third for having delivered the Baringo North ,Baringo Central ,Eldama Ravine,Rongai and Mogotio.,but loosing the only odd seat that is Baringo East in which Minister Hassan Kamama was returned uniopposed on a PNU ticket.

Keiyo is lying fourth for delivering Keiyo North and South and also one seat in Eldoret East which was captured by Prof Margaret Kamara ,Baringo East seat was captured by Mrs Lina Chebii Kilimo on Kenda ticket.

Back to the Kipsigis the community the many ministerial materials in the name of Zakayo K Cheruiyot(Kuresoi) Kipkalia Kones (Bomet) Isaack K Ruto (Chepalungu) and Franklin Bett (bureti)

And only one MP successfully defended his seat that is Hon Charles Keter (Belgut) but the legislature though survived last December onslaught that swept all his seven other colleagues in the 9th parliament the youthful legislator is still being associated with the Moi family.

He is said to be a close political and business friend f of Gedeon Moi with whom they business partners in newly built and recently commissioned privately owned Tea factory in Belgut.He is also said to be in partnership with Gideon and former Ainamoi MP Eng.Kipngeno Arap Ngeny in a medium size white Sugar cane factory which is located in lower Belgut.Gedion is the majority shareholder in the factory a medium size production around 300 bags of white sugar per day.

Keter’s alleged association with the Moi’s family now leaves the field open for the likes of Zakayo Cheruiyot,Kipkalya Kones,Isaack Ruto and Franklin Bett as the most credible men for possible consideration for cabinet appointments .Both Kones and Ruto had served in the previously KANU regimesunder the retired presdent Moi.

In Nandi in the North Rift Raila Odinga is facing a tough choice between the two Kosgeis Henry Kosgey(Tinderet) is the National Chairman of the ODM.He had already served in the cabine tbefore under Moi.

But the other Kosgey (Dr.Sally Kosgey) appear to be the darling of the Nandi ODM members who says she has something unique to offer to the ODM due to her experience in world of civil service in the Moi’s last regime.

She is credited for being calm and approach issues diplomatically.If at all there is anyonet to be sacrificed ,the Nandis says Raila could leave out of the cabinet list Henry Kosgey for Dr.Sally Kosgey.The community has already had one MP in the diaspora whose ministerial appointment who is slated to be ushered into the cabinet and that is William Ruto (Eldoret North)

If only one Kosgey is appointed to the government ,then this will give Raila room to look further north Rift and pick either one of the MPs in either Keiyo or Turgen for the cabinet appointment while others might servea as deputy Ministers.

In Gusii a small community which has a total 4 Pernanent Secretatries in the current PNU government headed by President Kibaki as opposed to only one Luo PS radical changes is considered as an occupational regime by the Luo are expected.

The community has already have the experienced Prof Sam Ongeri in the cabinet (Education) and can only expect one more cabinet slot.This will obviously be given to Omingo Magara the party’s national treasurere though there is the presence of Chris Mogere Obure the MP for Bobbasi who had served in the previous KANU regime as Finance Minister . But one of the two will have to settle in deputy minisertial slot.

Another area which is need to be handled carefully by Raila is the Maasailand.Both veteran politician William Ole Ntimama{Narok North} and the major general (rtd) Joseph Nkaiserry of Kajaido [Kajiado Central} could be accommodated in the cabinet though the presence of Prof George Saitoti (Kajiado North) could complicate matters for the two.

For Luo-Nyanza Raila Odinga big hjeadache will be the larger South Nyanza region .This region is demanding for two slots and the names making the round is that of Joshua Orwa Ojodeh

[Ndhiwa) and Dalmas Otieno (Rongo) ,Also considered is the experienced iof the Mbita MP Otieno Kajwang

Looking North James Orengo (Ugenya) and Prof Anyang Nyongo Kisumu Rural}seemed to be the natural choice of the people. Perhaps with one of two deputy ministerial slots in Kisumu and Nyando districts.

ODM appears to be in full control of Western Province where Chris Okemo (Nambale) Ababu Namwamba (budalangi) and George Khaniri are likely to land lucrative ministerial appointments and join Musalia Mudavadi deputy Primear docket. John Sambu the man who flored the Ford Kenya national chairman Musikari Kombo could be the best deal in Bukusu land.

Cyrus Jirongo could have benn the natural source that the belted out of the ODM shortly before the December 2007 general election.

Arguably the Kalenjin region had produced the best gender representative to the August house for the ODM than any other region.

These are Dr.Sally Kosgey (Aldai) ,Prof Margaert Chepkoech (Eldoret East),

Ms Lorna C Lebaso (Sotik) and Prof Hellen Chepkemoi Sumbili{Mogotio}. These are African ladies of substantial meains and high profile academic background and status within the society.Anyone among the flying ministerial flag will not be a let down to anybody .Anyone of the them appointed to the ministerial position would not be a let down to the party.

There are ladies of high profile and vast experience in government matters.This is likely to give Raila a lot of headache but we are sure he will take qualities into action when distributed whatever he has.

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You are still a Raila fanatic posting 'Raila friendly' messages? Have you checked his recent excesses even before he is a PM? Check Daily Nation cartoon. I know you have been hoping that he will support you when you return to Kenya in 2012 for an MP post but pleeze be real. Raila is just a selfish dumb politician as they come. if you cant see through this facade, then you are a mere apologist like Kamotho. Are you still calling yourself a 'president'? Now thats even more desperate...