Thursday, March 06, 2008


Our Midwest Regional conference will be held next week, March 14-16 at
Michigan State University. Please make an effort to come; networking
really benefits advocacy efforts. Also, elections will be held, so
this is your chance to have a say in the direction of the Midwest
committee for the remainder of the year! Registration ($30, which
includes social events like bowling, several meals, AND the Saturday
banquet) can be completed on the NAGPS website: www.nagps.org.
Sheila has organized a great program of professional and social events
and the banquet dinner for the Council of Graduate Students' 40th
anniversary should really be a knockout. Whether or not you are able
to attend, but *especially* if you cannot make it, it is crucial that
you send me an email report, if you have not already, about what your
local and state concerns are as a graduate student, any quality of
life/professional development issues, legislative updates, etc. I need
something from EACH of you so that your constituency can be properly
represented. NAGPS is gearing up for its big membership drive to
coincide with Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week (end
of March, beginning of April). GPSAW will help raise awareness about
us and increase our visibility on the national level (and will
demonstrate our political clout to legislators). The more involved we
are with each other the better we look to others!
Please save my aching synapses and register!
And send those emails!
Sam, President
Midwest Region

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