Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Mutava Go!!!!!

Gachoka MP Rev Mutava Musyimi says President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga are responsible for recurrent problems bedevilling the country. Musyimi accused the two principals driving the Grand Coalition Government of failing to give proper direction to national issues. He cited the current food crisis which has been declared a national disaster and corruption scandals facing the government that need proper guidance.

The Gachoka legislator urged the two principals to deal severely with those mentions in various scandals in order to restore dignity and respect into key institutions charged with critical services to the people.

He said it was time heads start rolling for the sake of majority of Kenyans who still have faith in the leadership of Kibaki and Raila. "Any one at the centre of scam should be relieved of his duties and prosecuted for the public to regain confidence in elected leaders" he lamented.

Mutava claimed that the government had lost moral authority in governing as it was unable to guarantee security and life of it citizens. The MP said that it was immoral for the government to stick to power without giving Kenyans quality leadership promised in the national accord.

Speaking in his constituency yesterday, Mutava noted that the two principals promised Kenyans rule of law but bad governance has continued to dog the current government. Mutava asked the two principals to spearhead reforms to address a myriad of problems bedevilling Kenyans today.

The legislature said that with proper governance, Kenyans should not die of or suffer from food related problems. Meanwhile, a family in Mwingi has buried its 13-year-old, standard two son who died from a famine related complication. This comes in the wake of governments move to invite humanitarian assistance of up to Sh37 billion to alleviate hunger across the country.

With the poor family unable to put food on the table for three days in a row, Kilonzo Kyule had no choice but to devour wild fruits that made him ill with constipation. "Once he ate the Mbu tree fruits, he was unable to answer calls of nature for three days and he developed stomach complications resulting in his death on last Thursday," said the deceased boy father Kyule Mulingwa. Meanwhile National Vision Party (NVP) has condemned political grandstanding in the Grand Coalition, saying the ever ending squabbles is to blame for the current problems.

The party cited the famine that has been declared a national disaster and the high cost of living in urban areas as indicators that the government is not addressing the real problems facing our people.

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