Monday, March 02, 2009


Why Are Americans Buying Guns?

I recently read a thread where one American says "I bought a new gun because the economy was tanking. With the economy goes security. Cops are having to make drastic cuts right now. If people are out of jobs and get hungry, what's to stop crime from going up? I bought a gun to protect my home and my things in this scary economy we're heading into."

Are these the only reasons why Americans are buying guns in droves? Isnt there a hidden reason that only one section of Americans know and they are not willing to share with the "other" people?

Word is rife in some communities that a certain community fears that a "Martin Luther King Jr" may happen again and if it does there will be HUGE repercussions so they are arming themselves and getting ready for any eventuality!

Many questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lathrop said...

probably everything has a good side along with its bad repercussion. I think the availability of guns in their market places should be curbed because no matter how anyone sees this issue, a country where virtually every household has a gun is not a good omen.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

The constitution gave us the right to bare arms. The fore fathers came from oppression where they were not allowed weapons. A dictator ship like Stalin, or Lennon, or Hitler to name a few took the guns and weapons away. Now the population had no means to defend their homes or themselves. I think Americans have learned from the past that they will defend the 2nd amendment if necessary, against a oppressive government. “A man with a gun is a Citizen, a man with a gun is a subject” Thomas Jefferson.