Thursday, July 31, 2014

Counter Africa Summit on August 4, 2014 at Howard University.

Hello, the Clan! I was asked to forward. I did because I agree with the spirit of the organizers. Prof. Horace Campbell spoke at an event I organized within 4 day's notice. Emira Woods is a force to contend with. Both are proven and seasoned in African Affairs. I agree with the planners, the US-Africa Summit heralds much of the same with unbridled profiteers on one hand and bleeding hearts, apron-string philanthropists on the other hand. Then you have the jokers scrambling for a piece. If you have to withdraw and simply watch the scenes come and go, it is not a bad idea. Resource-rich Africa is exploited and hapless Africa is rescued. In my early coffee break, I thought about it. My phone rank, it was my Dad. "So Mamie (how he calls me), how is it going with the Summit and I learnt Republicans voted to sue Obama." My response: Daddy, nothing is going to happen. Obama may be trying but his hands may be tied. He has to play ball with his base - those who influence him, corporate types and the military -industrial complex whom he must listen to in order not to appear as a black, weak president. Even Al Sharpton, no word from him. I thought he should have opened the Summit with the People's Prayer Breakfast for Africa. " Then I started laughing: "black actors are very mad or very confused in this Summit." The conversation changed to pleasantries as my Dad was obviously amused, judging from his listening, not in a hurry to say, "I love you, say hi to your sister, bye." Back to it. In each society, the center is preserved through healthy balance. In the case, the main subject, the African people, are relegated to peripheral watchers with no support whatsoever from their governments who are wasting African resources to arrive in Washington DC, with assorted entourage, as feted guests with no agenda. The money these folks are misusing is more than the budget of a village near them. Using the different voices in the polyphonic jamboree, any serious mind can identify and and analyze the importance of the agendas: the purposes and outcomes that commonly escape change. I am a stickler for order, the type that believes in giving back, paraphrasing JFK, we should not look forward to what we can get out of Africa but how we can help her grow for the collateral benefit of all. If I may say so, the disregard, insensitivity, arrogance and ignorance of our own officials and governments can overwhelm the best of patriots. In Things Fall Apart, we analyze the contextual meaning in a given situation: Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer Mere Anarchy is loosed upon the World I get direct responses when I forward mails. Please read below and call the event coordinator directly at: 301-267-7328 MsJoe

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