Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not everyone called 'thief' is a thief, and not everyone who shouts 'baggage' is clean!

Dr.Shem Ochuodho: Good people, Exactly 10 years ago, I was unceremoniously hounded out of the Kenya Pipeline (KPC) and dragged to court, for reasons that were a confluence of political and business interests, disguised as 'abuse of office' or simply corruption charges. After 10 very painful years of ostracization and pariah-hood that almost destroyed my professional career, the High Court in Nairobi recently dismissed the charges against me. I want to thank the good Lord who allowed me to live long enough to see the day of vindication. I am reminded of a lady sacked by a former employer (one of the leading media houses), had to wait for 35 years for the outcome of her matter, for a verdict in her favour to be read only 10 days after her death. How cruel - and I feel it for her! I want to thank family, relatives and friends who did not for a moment lose faith in me, my integrity, truthfulness to what I profess and fidelity to the law. This includes my lawyer-friends (James Kounah & Philip Ocharo) who defended me almost on pro-bono basis! Often it is claimed 'corruption fights back, with ill-acquired wealth used to buy judges'. Not so in this case. I want to thank the Judiciary, more so the presiding Judge whose name I didn't even know until after the good news (the ruling) was broken to me! While commending the justice systems for improved dispensation of justice, as a country we are not out of the woods yet. We still have a long way to go. This is why I would want to caution friends from being judgmental. Not all that glitters is gold. That the media totally failed to report on this ruling just goes to confirm the conspiracy theories. As for my next line of action, I'll still take a breather and celebrate the vindication. What am certain not to do is to revenge: as the good Book says, 'vengeance is mine'. Aluta, Shem

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