Monday, January 02, 2006

2006-It is now God or never!

In their new year songs, the LSFM choir called on the leaders & members of the FMCT to use the opportunity that God had given them to redeem what they had lost by returning to God, being faithful to His calling and using whatever resources they have to complete the unfinished task of preaching, teaching, baptizing and making disciples of all nations.
Samuel Ole Sonjo, a Maasai member of the of the LFSM thanked God for enabling him to see the new year. He recalled how he had been hospitalized 3 times in 2005 and how his marriage almost came to an end and how he almost despaired when all his livestock was wiped out by the raging draught. He confessed that were it not for the example of Job that he saw in the Bible, he would have committed suicide!
Pastor James Shija of the Maasai FMC trusts God to triple their numbers this year. The Maasai community has been hit hard by the draught. They have lost most of their animals but they are trusting God to enable them to work hard, save enough money and buy other animals when the rains come. Please pray for them

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