Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meet Our Evangelist Daniel & His family.

Yesterday, my wife Gladys, our Lay Pastor James Shija & I were privileged to visit our church evangelist, Daniel Mkwama and his family. They live in Buhongwa-about 40 minutes drive out of Mwanza town.

His wife is called Elizabeth. The Lord has blessed them with one daughter called Winner and a son called Goodluck.

Daniel preaches in the LSFM everyday over the lunch hours. He is spearheading the LSFM goal of bringing 50 new members into the church this year.

Apart from being the church evangelist, Daniel wants to realize the church members' endeavor of raising their incomes by using their hands to grow crops and make clay bricks.

Please pray for Daniel and his family that the Lord may use them to expand His kingdom here on earth.

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