Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kenya Election Results: Kenya Has A New President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!

Kenya has a new President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!
Watch live coverage of Kenya Elections on the following website:


Here is a reliable and scientific prediction of how the various ethnic groups have voted:

Candidate: Mwai Kibaki - Raila Odinga --- Kalonzo Musyoka

Kikuyu --- 2,533,000 ----- 5,000----- 2,000

Luyiah --- 300,000 - ---900,000--- 60,000

Luo--- 2,000 --- 965,000--- 1,000

Kalenjin--- 150,000--- 1,220,000 --- 5,000

Kamba-- -10,000--- 4,000-- - 910,000

Kisii- --200,000--- 310,000 ---- 2,000

Meru --- 615,000---- 2,000 --- 1,000

Other African--- 150,000--- 2,800,000 ---50,000

Non African--- 8,000--- 8,000 ---2,000

Total ----Kibaki- 3,968,000 --Raila-- 6,214,000 --Kalonzo-1,033,000

The margin of error is less than 5%. With this kind of reality, there is no way Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga can be stopped from marching to State House.

Congratulations to the people of Kenya for making their will known clearly. Now the challenge is on the New Government to fulfill their promises to the Kenyans.

Congratulations Your Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga, 4th President of the Republic of Kenya!

Kenyans in Michigan, plans are already underway for a grand celebration of this victory. Please get in touch if you do not want to miss out!!!

Email: geraldbaraza2000@yahoo.com

More Results:
Kenya: Vice President, Ministers Lose Parliamentary Seats

Results just announced on KBC-Channel I say that Raila Odinga has recaptured the Langata seat.

Former Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala was also defeated by a Nairobi based lawyer Ababu Namwamba of ODM. Namwamba got 11012 votes against Mr Wanjala 7180 votes in an election that was marked with high turnout.

The East African Standard (Nairobi)

28 December 2007
Posted to the web 28 December 2007


Vice President Hon Moody Awori and ministers Mutahi Kagwe, Pau Sang, Musikari Kombo and Moses Akaranga emerged as the early casualties as vote counting for the hotly contested elections continued countrywide.

Results broadcast on KTN showed Awori lost the Funyula parliamentary seat to the ODM candidate Dr Paul Otuoma, becoming the second time in Kenya's history for a VP to lose a parliamentary seat. In 2002, Vice President Mr Musalia Mudavadi lost to Mr Moses Akaranga of Narc, a few months after he was appointed by President Moi. Uncle Moody as he is popularly known, has been Member of Parliament for Funyula constituency for the last 25 years, although his grip on Funyula politics spans over 45 years

Ford -Kenya chairman and former Webuye MP, Musikari Kombo, has lost the seat to Alfred Sambu of ODM. Preliminary results indicated that Trade and Industry minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi trailing.

Information and Communications minister Mutahi Kagwe has lost to former chairman of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Mr Kabando wa Kabando of Safina party. Kagwe initiated many development projects in his Mukurweini constituency, both through the CDF concept and from his own initiative and it will puzzle many people how his opponent, Kabando wa Kabando pulled the carpet from under his feet.

Health Minister Paul Sang has lost former State House Comptroller Mr Frankline Bett of ODM. Sang was appointed to the position just two months to the election after Kibaki's ally and Health Minister, Charity Ngilu, declared her support for ODM presidential candidate Mr Raila Odinga.

Other results show ODM Pentagon member and Raila Odinga's running mate, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, has trounced Public Service minister Moses Akaranga of PNU. Najib Balala has won the Mvita seat , beating former Mombasa mayor Taib Ali Taib.

Former Keiyo South MP and Kanu strongman Nicholas Biwott lost the seat to Mr Jackson Kiptanui of ODM. In Ugenya constituency, lawyer James Orengo will make a political come back after clinching the seat he lost in 2002.

However, ECK has not officially released the results. We will bring you more results as we get them.


Other major casualties include:
Raphael Tuju who has lost in Rarieda
Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi in Kimilili who has lost to a Ford Kenya candidate
Njenga Karume
Moses Wetangula
Gideon Moi who has lost to Sammy Mwaita of ODM


Cherrypicker said...

Oh, you mean Kibaki Broadcasting Coorporation? Yeah?

Gerald Baraza said...

I would appreciate if someone would give me a website that would give me another source of election results eg a TV station, radio, website etc


Hussein A said...

follow up election results

Anthony said...

You can pay a small fee and watch live results from KTN at www.africast.tv. It is being transmitted live from KTN station in Kenya

Lee said...

upuzi mtupu...
How the hell do you start proclaiming Raila as President before the counting of votes is over???
Yes, we want change but its really idiotic when baraza writes such on his blog...
Utter nonsense..........

Gerald Baraza said...

Meza wembe!!! Mpira umekwisha!!!!

Girlabroad said...

Hi Guys,

Lets stop the name calling. We should just accept the results & move on till the next elections.. We don't see Obama & Hillary supporters calling each other names do we?? ..

Lets not allow Kenya to be another Pakistan..

Have a nice day...

Staff Writer said...

Please check out KenyaImagine.com

I am not a Raila supporter at all, but I must say wananchi seem to have spoken, eh?

Wanyama S.

denno said...

kazi iendelee means wizi uendelee

denno said...

we like Raila not bcoz of his tribe but coz of his ideas .I think the nigga will clean up GK with omo.Nyundo ni nyundo!

kajaja said...

This M.F Baraza doesnt know what he is talking a bout.

kajaja said...

everyboby want change

Afriboy said...

Your post expresses hope for Kenya.
It is good to hope.

pire said...

it is disillusioned people such as the author of this article that have thrown kenyans in the present state of disarray being experienced! it is the work of the electrol commission to announce results and noone but the aforementioned commission has the authority to do so. by publishing the above statistics bearing no truth in them, you have mislead people and brought unncessarry tribal tension(refering to the break down of the ethnic groups and their purported voting tactics!) i urge people like yourselves to now put your differences aside and work together as a country to make kenya the nation it really is.. a peaceful nation!

pire said...

have any of you read the policies raila was inteding to implement?? he is a socialist! majimboism did not work in tanzania how the hell was it going to work in a country clearly tribally divided? socialism will never work especially in a third world country! then cutting down house rent by half was yet another idiotic idea he brought up! this even to a 7 year old would spell doom for the real estate market! i could scrutinise all of his policies bit by bit but id much rather you carry out the necessary research before endorsing the man! if anything, kalonzo was the best candidate, but by all means kibaki was a close second! the developments kenya has made in the past five years were even unthinkable during the opressive kanu regime! kazi iendelee hivyo hivyo.. and with his new commitment to cut down on corruption, or better still to eradicate it.. we can only wait for the emergence of prosperity of all!