Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Is Either The Will of The People or Total War In Kenya!

It is very obvious right now that the Electoral Commission of Kenya led by Samuel Kivuitu is doctoring the election results with the aim of retaining President Mwai Kibaki in power. The people of Kenya have spoken clearly with their votes. If President Kibaki, Mr.Samuel Kivuitu and their power-hungry sycophants are candid and shameless enough to stand against the will of the Kenyan people, then let them hear this clearly from we the Kenyans: IT IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE THAT WILL PREVAIL IN KENYA! We are calling on all the Kenyans back at home and in the diaspora to take up their arms and pray for President Kibaki.
We want to STOP THE SENSELESS KILLING OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We want to channel our energy toward constructive causes and the rebuilding of our land. But if anyone wants to take away our right, we are going to resist.


Mimmz said...

This is a very irresponsible post. Shame on you! calling for war and bloodshed. The will of the people will be told when all votes come in. Should you win or lose, be grown up enough to accept it and let Kenya carry on in peace.

If the only way the will of the people is done is if you win, you are ignorant and instead of posting dumb crap, go and read something about democracy! Come back to post enlightened.

Kenya is full of fickle, impressionable people and utterances of this nature should be punishable by long prison sentences. You mislead the regular poorer mwananchi who is likelier to be killed or maimed in street bloodshed.

Farmgal said...

this si totally disgusting...you should take this post down. If Kibaki wins so be it..if raila so be it. seems some people will fight if raila doesnt win.

Take the post down! Its very very irresponsible of you to write such.

jwamicha said...

I'm disgusted at this post. I'm currently in the diaspora and I've had the opportunity to meet several refugees. Take up arms, eh; ever spoken to a refugee? War will tear us apart. We are a democracy and if our favourite candidate loses, and we have an issue with that, there are other ways to protest. Please do not destroy, for it is very difficult to rebuild. Please write responsibly.

jwamicha said...

What happened for it to come to this? What happened to you? How did Kibaki hurt you? Did he kill any one of your loved ones that you now want to wage war? Did he stop you from going to work or pursuing your dreams. This is just an election. Kenya belongs to everyone and war will simply render us just another African statistic. We would all be poorer for it.

I never normally leave comments but this was way over the top. Even if I had to sign up anew for this I would, for I so love and treasure our country; and I deeply beleive you too. I have been following your blog and I am very disappointed. Please do not be clouded by emotions and write responsibly. If you truly love our country, and you are a patriot, you should apologize for this post. Having any of our candidates lose, despite any irregularities, is no reason for war as countless of centuries of human existence have proved so far.

Girlabroad said...

Oh my God. I cannot believe that u r calling on Kenyans to go to war. We have Somalia & Sudan as examples of what we don't want... From ur profile, I can see that u r an educator so I pray to God that this is not what u teach ur students...

Note: I am not pro anybody. I am pro peace. As jwamicha says, pls take down this post & lets write responsibly.. We all have family back home & no one wants to watch dead bodies on tv...

God bless.

spicebear said...

i normally don't comment as i prefer to lurk but shame on you for being this irresponsible. i understand that this is your private soapbox and you may say as you please but since you left comments open i am guessing you wanted either a yay or nay for your sentiments.

regardless of how the counting process is going and whether or not you agree with it to ask people to go to war and then saying that you want to stop senseless killings is very disingenous of you. for you to advocate for the murder of kenyans who did nothing more but participate in the voting process irks me to no end. how dare you claim to be speaking on behalf of when you are clearly calling people to arms and if necessary to kill every last man? at this moment our country does not need "revolutionaries" like you. we do not need pseudo patriots who's aim is senseless killing and alarmist statements. individuals like you are an embarrasment and a disgrace to all peace loving kenyans. "it is either the will of the people or total war in kenya?" nonsense!

spicebear said...

oh, and i see that you are in the u.s of a and not even back home. you want people to fight as you sit back and watch the news on cnn and wait for updates on the bbc website? i reckon my contempt for this post just grew ten fold.

akiey said...
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akiey said...

You said it yourself:
We want to channel our energy toward constructive causes and the rebuilding of our land.
We cannot do all that & more while at conflict, we cannot sort out years of corruption and mismanagement while carrying arms, come on mister!!

As much as I believe the elections are actively & forcibly being rigged I hope for nothing but peace, calm & prosperity for Kenya.

I trust neither Kibaki nor Raila.

Kibaki is incompetent and has allowed the looting of what belongs to hard working Kenyans, has instilled fear in the press & given countless empty promises to the people. However, if a majority Kenyans decide he packs and leave or he continues to snooze and autopilot the country it's a Will and choice we have to live with. That's what the people would have decided.

Raila is not a team player and wants to lead everyone and at every level. He's compromised his ideals on many occasions but soldout at crucial times leaving fellow advocates for change wondering what's up with him...If a majority Kenyans decide he leads the nation in a diff direction, it better be a good one or he too will have to answer to wananchi.
If given the mandate then that's what the people would have decided.

Peace out & quit advocating for war while you're miles away from home. Not wise!

Mchokozi said...

The word on the street is that there is definitely something fishy with the unaccounted votes in the 18/19 constituencies. Inasmuch as Kenyans are anxious, and are willing to claim 'rigging', I think the ECK should be the first to INVESTIGATE the anomalies and calm down the Kenyan masses.

I listened to Kivuitu's speech, and it seems that he doesn't have control over his 'agents' which is scary.

In all honesty, if all the votes were tallied as soon as possible after the elections, then I guess Kenyans would have been comfortable with *either* candidate. However, the fact that they are being delayed due to *silly* reasons like 'I don't know where the agents are' ... then people begin developing a strong anti-govt sentiment that may cause unnecessary turmoil in Kenya in the next few days.

No matter the election outcome, there is no need for you to advocate for war or rebellion. Peace is more important.

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qadaffi said...

Kenyans will NOT take up the arms. Yes, tension is high. A lot of mischief is at play. Thankfully, the majority of Kenyans jealously guard the peace. Other than looting and bonfires (some acts are driven more by hooliganism than by fight for democracy), we'll sit tight and wait. We'll wage the "war" in a peaceful manner, in courts and in parliament(vote of no confidence, probably).
And who knows, all that might not be necessary. Samuel Kivuitu may just proclaim Raila (rightfully) the winner.