Thursday, December 20, 2007

Did you Know?

BANKING: Rose Ayuya Oloo born in Khwisero, Kisa, was the first African to open a bank account in Kakamega in 1937, the 25th person to do so. In those days it was known as Posta which later became Postbank. She's also the first trained African nurse in Kakamega and is the mother of Raila Odinga's wife, Ida. She is still alive. Did you know that ...

SCHOOLS: CHAVAKALE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL was the first Harambee day secondary school in Kenya

PARLIAMENT: Cannon WWW Awori was the first Luhya to enter the Legislative Council (current parliament). The Year was 1952.

PARLIAMENT: John Baraza Khaoya from Bungoma was the first African Seargent at Arms of the Legislative Council (Now Parliament)

EDUCATION: Mr Joseph Otiende from Maragoli was the 1st Minister of Education in Independent Kenya. The Year was 1963

EDUCATION: Christopher S Khaemba (principal Alliance Boys) is the 1st Dean of African Leadership Academy (Johannesburg). He takes over in Sept. 2008. See Profile

EDUCATION: Mr Nicholas Pius Wabuyabo was the first African Headmaster of St. Peter's Mumias Boys Primary School. He is now Deceased.

EDUCATION: Mr William Melchizedek Okech was the 1st African Headmaster of Maseno High School. He was from Bunyore

TRANSPORT: Nabongo Mumia was the first Luhya to own a bicycle and later a car
COLONIAL: Elijah Masinde of Dini ya Msambwa was the first Luhya to resist colonial rule

MEDICINE: Prof Hillary Ojiambo from Samia was the 1st cardiologist in sub-Saharan Africa? He is now deceased. His widow, is Dr Julia Ojiambo

MEDICINE: Prof Nelson Awori from Samia pioneered renal transplant in Kenya. Now deceased

MEDICINE: Dr Majale from Samia was the 1st Orthopaedic surgeon in Kenya. Now deceased

MEDICINE: Prof. Gabriel Anabwani from Bunyore (Kilingili), is the first Director, Baylor College of Medicine in Gaberone, Botswana.

NURSING: Rose Ayuya Oloo born in Khwisero, Kisa, was the first African Nurse. She trained in Kakamega and is the mother of Raila Odinga's wife, Ida. She is still alive. She is also the first African to open a bank account then known as Posta.

INTERNET: Joseph Mukuna Ekhuya Simekha from Bunyore is the founding president of Unarete, the Africa chapter of the international organisation devoted to bridging the digital divide.

INTERNET: Ayisi Makatiani is co-founder of Africa Online, the largest ISP in Africa outside of South Africa. He has been voted top CEO in EA several times.

MARITIME: Juvenal Shiundu from Mumias is the first naval architect in Sub Saharan Africa

MATHEMATICS: Prof Morris Alala from Butsotso was the first ethnic professor of mathematics in Kenya. Now deceased

NUTRION: Prof Ruth Oniang'o is teh first professor of nutirtion in Kenya and 1st woman professor of nutrition in sub Saharan Africa.

WOMEN: Dr Julia Ojiambo from Funyula, Busia is the 1st Luhya MP after independence, 1st woman assistant minister in Kenya; the 1st female lecturer at University of Nairobi. Read her amazing story.

WOMEN: Mrs Priscilla Agufwana Abwavo from Maragoli is the 1st Luhya female to go sit in parliament before independence; then known as Legco. She lives in Kitale

WOMEN: Prof Ruth Oniang'o is the first woman professor of nutrition science in sub Saharan Africa. She is also the first professor of nutrition in Kenya.

CHURCH: Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga (1923-2003) was the first and so far only Kenyan to be made a Cardinal by the Pope.

LAW: Sibi Okumu from Busia was the first African Magistrate. He was appointed in 1965

Source: http://www.abeingo.org/HTML_files/home.html



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Very interesting observation.

Ego Trip said...

Hey Gerald, this was a nice piece to read. I enjoyed..buti think you should have indicated that these guys were the first among Lunjes to do all that.