Monday, February 04, 2008


Dear esteemed ODM Leaders,
Firstly, thank you all for taking you time to negotiate for the sake of JUSTICE and PEACE in Kenya. I am sure this is a very difficult task that requires extraordinary patience and understanding. We, the “patriotic” Kenyans abroad thank you globally and without any reservations.

Secondly, I want to alert you as a matter of urgency that the PNU-side of the table, under instructions from Mr. Kibaki, is dishonest, untrustworthy and drunk with power. I have heard Mr. Wetangula, Ms. Martha Karua, and their ilk speak ill of the mediation process which shows clearly that they are not interested in any positive outcome. As a matter of strategy, you MUST notify PNU that this negotiation is the last of its kind and does not mean that ODM has run out of options to ensure that there is JUSTICE in Kenya. There are many ways to skin a cat!

Thirdly, I want to take this precious moment to formally congratulate the ODM party for running a clean and honest campaign; a campaign that the world was so proud of until Mr Kibaki decided to grab power from the back-door. We are proud of ODM and I personally cannot express in words how delighted I am to be associated with your team as a Kenyan. Let me also take this rare moment to thank Honorables Raila Odinga, Najib Balala, Charity Ngilu, William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, etc commonly referred to as The Pentagon Members for their maturity, wisdom and patriotism. We can only imagine the odds you overcame to deliver an honest ODM victory to Kenyans. THANK YOU!

Finally, I look forward to the day that our country will see Justice and Peace. I trust and believe that the ODM Team will deliver what Kenyans are yearning for: unconditional Justice & Peace.

I remain a true Kenyan,

Dr. Fred Masinde.

PS: This is unrelated afterthought but addendum to what I have said above.

It is an open-secret that Lucy Kibaki is mentally retarded. Please as legislatures, can you amend our constitution urgently to include a clause stating that: the occupant of the State House, including The First Lady, MUST pass psychiatric test otherwise the presidency will be nullified.

It is horrific to imagine Lucy Kibaki slapping Gitobu Imanyara in the State House. My inside source have revealed that The First Lady was half-naked when she went on rampage at State House i.e. she was wearing the bottom of her pajamas without the top, thereby, exposing her breasts to the honorable MP.



Lucy said...

Hi, I find it despicable for you to comment on Kenya in the safety of a foreign land. While you congratualte ODM, your brothers and sisters are languishing in camps, hungry and dying. We here in Kenya know the truth and it is people like you who are letting this motherland down. Tell me, do the ODM MPs care more than the PNU ones? Each one of them has just pocketed their tax-free salaries for Month 1 while many Kenyans continue to suffer-with some losing their jobs coz of the affected economy. Tell me, which of the MPs genuinely care? I long for the day when Kenyans will stop being euphoric about leaders and vote issue oriented leaders. How has Ruto alleviated his people's lives all this while? Or Raila for that matter? How? Or even the PNU MPs? As long as Kenyans continue to look up to their MPs for for solutions and answers to our detriment, we are doomed coz in my opinion, whether PNU or ODM etc, they are all the same greedy selfish persons who hug and laugh in the corridors of power and ignore the pleas of the common man.

And please, as a mental helath practitioner, I don't think it fair for you to mock someone who is struggling with mental issues. I do not condone Lucy's behavior but I think if you had a wife or a daughter or a son who had mental illness, you would never open your mouth to chide anyone.

Please take time to know what is really happening in Kenya and who is really suffering...only then will you have authority to comment on our current situation. For now, I think those of you in the diaspora have chosen to believe one side of the story and neglected the other side. How sad!

Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement said...

Lucy dear, what does the constitution say about when the president is incapacitated? Is he suppossed to be in office? Maybe this is another angle that Kenyans need to zero in!!! Have Kibaki declared mentally incapacitated so that he can go home and rest while Lucy goes to Mathare! What do you think?