Wednesday, February 13, 2008


African Path supports Senator Barack Obama in his 2008 bid to become President of the United States of America.

What's at stake today is America's position in the world as a leader on tough issues that really matter. We are talking about issues like environmental responsibility, human rights, civil rights, free and fair trade, health, and corruption.

Domestically, what Senator Obama represents is an opportunity for America to move past the divisions that separate Americans, like party affiliations, race, gender, age, religion, and creed.

This quote the San Antonio Express News endorsement of Senator Barack Obama by way of Senator Obama’s official campaign site summarizes this nicely:

“America needs a president that tries to create unity out of diversity, marshalling all the forces — red, blue or purple — that make this country great.

Sen. Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate that offers the best chance to reach that lofty objective.”

His campaign to become the nation's forty fourth president could not come at a better time, right now our nation is at a crossroads and we the voters have a say in which direction our beloved country will turn: on the one path is a sign that reads "More of the Same" and the other sign says "Barack Obama, Yes we can!"

It is quite ironic that the African continent also finds herself at a crossroads right now. Indeed over the last decade many African nations have moved from socialist leaning and state driven economies to today being counted amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. However, the recent incidents in Post Election Kenya illustrates that the African continent still has a long way to go. At times it looks as Africa doesn't know whether to continue moving forwards move backwards. So an American President who himself has an intimate understanding of the inner workings of how things happen on the continent and who wouldn't just be interested in photo ops; but who would have the peoples best interest at heart might help assist the continent in continuing the move forward.

True enough, Senator Obama may not possess the years of experience that some of the other candidates like to talk about in their campaigns, we believe that Senator Obama has something which only a small number of world leaders have-which is to say that he isn't a politician, but instead Senator Obama is a leader who has chosen to use his leadership skills to help lead the United States into a new era.

We at African Path believe that Senator Barack Obama is the candidate that can best help America to move forward.

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