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Kagame blasts African dictators


President Paul Kagame has attacked what he called dictatorial leaders in Africa, saying they are to blame for much of the conflicts plaguing the continent.

"Rwanda has shared much of its problems in the past with most African states. People do not want to relinquish power peacefully until they are forced out after a spell of destructions and this has affected the development of the continent," President Kagame said during the 14th heroes day celebrations held in the country's southern province on February 1.

Even countries that have had a relatively stable political and economic terrain for a number of years, there is little to learn from them.

"They have also ended up in flames. Today one country is in total chaos, then tomorrow another follows suit and the next day violence is reported in another African country.......and all these conflicts are fuelled by bad leadership," he said.
In this case, he says such countries that have fallen in that trap are experiencing even a more worrying situation-of not only anarchy but also a future of uncertainty.

This is the case he cited with most African countries now experiencing violent situations. Actually Mr Kagame run short of mentioning Kenya.But he said this is not the kind of trend Rwanda would want to see.

"I want to see Rwanda, where leaders act by example. Getting rich is not a sin because even God wants us rich but where the riches are obtained in a selfish manner, at the expense of the masses then there is a big problem," he said, adding that in such a situation the end result is likely to be violence as the oppressed population revolts in an effort to realise justice and equity.

African leaders must not wait for violence, they must learn to sense danger and step down, Mr Kagame said.
However, Kagame also failed to turn down a request by one of is cabinet ministers to stand for a second term.

During the well attended event Rwandan Sports and Culture minister Joseph Habineza outlined the achievements made by Kagame's leadership, and later announced that he is looking forward to 2010 when Mr. Kagame will run for another term.

But Kagame did not come out to give his position on the matter. Instead, he said: "I am grateful about the minister's (Habineza) announcements and observations".Meanwhile Fred Rwigyema was recognised among the top heroes for his contribution in stopping the 1994 Rwanda genocide.


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