Thursday, February 07, 2008


Mwai Kibaki’s illegitimate government promises to be a full adventure in the original sense of the expression. One of the adventures he has embarked upon is an open romance with professionals who are willing to say and do anything to keep him in power. Kibaki must have come across Aristotle’s position that society is best run by "philosopher kings", men of exceptional learning and wisdom. Unfortunately, it is evidently debatable whether Kibaki’s use of these professionals is producing an outcome that can rightly be described as the handiwork of "philosopher kings". Most of these professionals like Kalonzo Musyoka will come out hurting forever, their reputations rendered unfit for the dogs and the dignity of their persons completely taken away from them. They will not be able to show their faces in the public once this whole debacle is over.

Who can believe that Kalonzo Musyoka can tell Congressmen in the US that the on-going dialogue under former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan will find a way out of the dispute when he knows very well that the PNU hardliners like Martha Karua have refused to acknowledge the fact that Kibaki stole the election? How should anyone trust Kalonzo when he unashamedly says that the violence which rocked the country following the December 27, General Elections has been contained while the UN Security Council on the other hand is deploring the widespread violence in Kenya, which has resulted in extensive loss of life and serious humanitarian consequences? Kalonzo has the audacity to declare that external solutions can’t resolve this matter while he knows very well that PNU is not in any way going to accept the truth that they are in power illegally. In other words, Kalonzo is saying that the world should be prepared for a worse genocide in Kenya because Kenyans are not going to be taken for granted by professional liars like him and Samuel Kivuitu, the disgraced ECK Chairman, who are ready and willing to sacrifice their democracy because of a few million shillings!

Kalonzo tells Senator Feingold that Kenyans should be allowed to resolve the dispute and related issues through the courts of law, a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission or a Commission of Inquiry when he knows very well that the 28 days stipulated by the law for any aggrieved party to file a suit against a Presidential candidate have already elapsed. He also forgets the fact that ODM refused to go to the courts because they are filled by Kibaki’s hyenas that can never give anyone justice. In the same breath that Kalonzo is urging the United States and other countries to encourage the “Opposition” in Kenya to pursue its challenge of the election outcome through lawful means as outlined in our Constitution and our legal systems, we also urge him to ask Kibaki to seek leadership through lawful means as outlined in the Kenyan Constitution and the Kenyan legal systems. What is he is doing right now is outright rape, debauchery and murder of an infant democracy!

Comparing the report that Maina Kiai, Chairman, Kenya national commission on human rights (KNCHR), presented to the US Congress and what Kalonzo Musyoka is telling the same Congress one is compelled to ask if these two people come from the same country. In fact I am wondering if Maina Kiai is not a saint while Kalonzo Musyoka is the devil himself! These two men have totally different paradigms. One sees a country going down the tubes if action is not taken quickly to save it while another one sees a paradise that needs to be left alone! Jesus!

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