Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today 17:07:35
Eti President would use his “generosity and mercy” to appoint ODM MPs!The government side said after this, the President would use his “generosity and mercy” to appoint a number of ODM MPs to the Cabinet.

“ODM must be grateful, start behaving appropriately and know there’s a government in Kenya. The party should agree that Kibaki won,” a source at the talks quoted a PNU negotiator as having said.

#2 Today 17:10:35
Eti President would use his “generosity and mercy” to appoint ODM MPs!they sound like they went through the Mungiki ritual......they seem high on something.

#3 Today 17:11:39
Eti President would use his “generosity and mercy” to appoint ODM MPs!Its such kind of arrogance that gets people machetted and arrowed to death. I can feel the blood of ODMers boiling with rage when a thief tells us that he will use his 'generocity and mercy' to appoint our MPs to the Cabinet.

You know what this means, total war, and this time it wont be machettes and arrows, it will be AK 47s, surface-to-air missiles, shells, grenades and bombs. It will be a massacre like never seen before that will make Rwanda seem like sunday school.

#4 Today 17:13:17
Eti President would use his “generosity and mercy” to appoint ODM MPs!If they think we need their "generosity and mercy", it is better we have our own country.

They can keep theirs where they can steal elections all they want and buy arms from China.


Koffi Annan & the international community having seen with heir own eyes the depth of GEMA tribal demagoguery that we have endured since 1960, serious consideration should be given ti hiving off Central & eastern provinces to form a new country called Kibakistan with Emilio "Kaguoya" Kibaki as its founding father. Here are the reasons for this suggestion:

1.] GEMA will not succeed in foisting their tribal hegemony down our throats again regardless of the consequences no matter how dire.

2.] Dividing up countries is no longer impossible if it's neccessary to avoid genocide when both sides of a conflict are so entrenched in their positions that forcing them to live in one country together would inevitably most likely lead to genocide. Examples are (1.) Kenya (2.) Kosovo and Kosovo's independence was declared and recognized last weekend.

3.] An adoption of this solution would save uncountable lives and enable the house of mumbi live ever happily in their own area and anyone who likes to live with them can follow them there, but those who follow them there to steal their things will stand condemned by all peace loving nations.

4.] For those who're worried that this suggestion may create enmity, note that nothing in this suggestion bars the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Kibakistan from establishing mutual diplomatic relations as is the case among any other like minded nations.

While you may postpone discussing this idea today or tommorrow, I really believe that your experience from 1960 upto now will make you realize that this idea should have been implementd yesterday.

Thank you.

Today 21:22:14
Kichwa Mbaya
ODM can win this without any more violenceWith the strong support of the international community, ODM and their supporters can cripple this government without losing a single life. The international community has assured Kenyans that they can deal with kibaki goons without the need for anymore violence or loss of life. Pressure will be brought to bare. Of course they will grand stand, throw temper tentrums but eventually they will agree on the frame work for power sharing. The arm twisting will take place behind the scenes and they can say whatever they want in public but they will succumb to the force of the international community and ODM. They cannot move with business as usual until this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of ODM. Even as PNU mp's are grandstanding, talks are moving along. If PNU wants to taste the wrath of the international community they should walk out of the talks and tell Annan to go to hell. They know they cannot do that so they make this bravado statements but then they continue to talk. Very soon Annan will announce an agreement very similar to what ODM proposed.


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