Tuesday, February 19, 2008


ODM has run excellent campaign to sell its agenda internationally and has managed to come out as reasonable, responsible, caring and flexible -most importantly it has wade-off ethnic cleansing/genocide planners accusations. Kibaki and his PNU brigades as the Nation captured aptly, have amazingly managed to portray their true colors; unreasonable, uncouth and stone age anarchist with 'go to court' now 'within constitutional framework' bullcrap. They are yet to link directly any ODM senior member on genocide,besides the mungiki avenge mission have robbed them the innocent tag.

Now it time for ODM to go plan C. Go back to Kenyans and with the backing of 50% strong Odmers prepare take the fight to PNU -on land, air and the sea. The preparation will include meeting thro barazas & rallies, sms, press conferences and the internet. Part of the preparation should include an 'police bullet/rungu dodging tactics', 'tear-gas avoidance', and Citizen driven Anti-Mungiki offensive force-since kwekwe squad has been disbanded. ODM region should immediately form community policing groups as per government policy of combating crime and effecting citizen arrest.

Finally ODM and its allies should make it clear to PNU/Kibaki just like the Intl community that it wont be business as usual here in Kenya. ODM should already, through friendly LSK branches, be arranging for economic boycott, tax delays tactics, general civil disobedience and perhaps citizen-imposed sanctions.

ODM must wallk the tight rope between preparing for next and final onslaught within the current laws and constitution until such a time when PNU eventually catapult.

PNU is not interested in any power sharing coz you don't steal to share. ODM is dealing with hyenas and unless substantial forces is used the cowards will dig in forever.


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