Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd Round! Kenneth Marende Of ODM Wins Again!

The elections of the Speaker of the National Assembly in Kenya are still in progress. So far, Lawyer Kenneth Marende of ODM has continued to triumph. In the latest poll, he has secured 104 votes against Francis Ole Kaparo's 102!

We are yet to have Marende declared as the new speaker of Kenya's National Assembly!!!!

Our reporter is inside parliament.

Meanwhile: Kofi Annan delays Kenya mission due to illness
15 January 2008 | 17:47 | FOCUS News Agency

Geneva. Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan has postponed his mission to Kenya "for a few days" after being taken ill with severe flu, according to a statement released Tuesday, AFP informs.
On his way to the airport in Geneva this morning, former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan was taken ill with a severe flu. On advice of doctors he has postponed his mission to Nairobi for a few days," the UN here said in a statement.

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