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I greet you all in the name of Koitalel arap Samoei, our great orkoiyot and Nandi warrior who was assassinated 100 years ago by the British colonialists.
There is no other time in our history that our unity is more important than today. There is no other time that the existence and livelihood of the Kalenjin people has been threatened, from the time of the colonialists, through the Kenyatta government to Moi's misrule than is today in the Kibaki administration.

The spirit of our great warrior and leader has to be rekindled and passed to all our brothers and sisters across the Kalenjin land. We have to rise and defend our rights just like Koitalel led the resistance 100 years ago in resisting the British invasion. Let me elaborate how the Kibaki administration and the house of Mumbi has systematically marginalized the Kalenjin Community.

1. Land

The Kenyatta and Moi administration settled Kikuyu emigrants (occupiers) in the Rift Valley, our land. Our forefathers shed tears and blood for the purpose of preserving this heritage for their future off-springs (Kamatusa). The colonialists came and occupied our land after we fought them for a period of 7 years (The longest African resistance to a white man's rule). At independence, the dominant Kikuyu crafted a law in the constitution specifically for the benefit of their own people. That "Every Kenyan is free to own property in any part of the country". With this legal error in our history, their was an exodus of Kikuyus from Central Province to Rift Valley. The Kenyatta government gave them free "loans" to acquire huge chunks of our land without taking into account the interests of the original owners. This land was supposed to revert to the rightful ancestral owners (Kamatusa) at the time of independence. This did not happen. This marked the genesis of second occupiers to our land.

Moi was an accomplice in this injustice. He kept silent in the 60s and 70s as our people were robbed of what is rightfully theirs. He mortgaged our heritage for the sake of a seat that did not benefit us in any way. He perfected this game in 24 years that he has been in power. On ascending to the presidency, more land was still curved for many kikuyus in R. Valley.

The little crumbs that the Kalenjins were given by Moi in Mau, Likia, Mt. Elgon were taken back when Kibaki came to power. Kimunya called our title deeds PIECES OF PAPER. This is very painful indeed and this has stuck in our hearts and nothing can erase it for generations to come. Nothing can remove this unfortunate stain. We welcomed the OCCUPIERS in R. Valley; we lost so many forests during their reign; they allocated themselves so much productive land at the expense of our brothers and sisters; they insult us by calling us LUMBWA(dogs); they have killed our people; they evicted our people in Mau, Likia and other areas. Brethren, arise; this has to come to an end. Kotalel arap Samoei has been re-borned and we have to claim back what rightfully belongs to us; whether by FORCE or by DIPLOMACY. It has come to an EYE FOR AN EYE, A fist for a fist, a leg for a leg.

2. Education

At independence, the Kalenjins were systematically marginalized in terms of education. All the resources were channeled to Central province. They claim that we are only good in taking care of cows and goats. That is why they told Moi to go take care of goats as they show us how a country is run; and the idiot still went ahead to support them in last year's flawed elections. No tangible effort was done to build schools in R. Valley. 90% of School bursaries were reserved to Mt. Kenya region; and still happens till today. Many colleges and universities were constructed in Central and Nairobi region. Many Kikuyus were sent abroad for further learning. Some of the best national schools located in Central province were given adequate facilities while those of hostile regions like R. Valley were ignored. The best teachers were posted to schools in Mt. Kenya region. This continued consistently until Moi took over. Mr. Moi, having been a failure in school hated dealing with educated Kalenjins. He preferred to transact business with ex-prison warders and cattle auctioneers like Barngetuny. Our education continued to suffer during Moi's time because of poor policies.

This trend has been revived by the Kibaki administration. The secret is to ensure that we have so many school dropouts which will give rise to insecurity in our areas and investors shying away from such areas. Scrutinize government expenditure on education and bursaries, you will know where lots of money is heading to. This discrepancy has resulted in Mt. Kenya dominating everybody in this country in terms of education. Have you asked yourselves why we have very few professors, doctors, lecturers, dentists, teachers, etc? Apart from Kiptoon, most of the other kalenjin professors are political professors.

This has to stop. The only people who can stop the kikuyu dominance in this country are the kalenjins. We cannot allow ourselves to be trampled upon like other tribes. We must stand up and play the leadership role in liberating our country from the jaws of the kikuyus.

3. Employment

Do you need any explanations on this? Name all the parastatals and name the senior employees in those organizations. The names revolve around Mt. Kenya region. How many kalenjins has the Kibaki government sacked? un-countable. How many has it refused to employ, including Dr. Rotich in KACA? Un-countable. If we are all equal in this country why is it that it is only people from one region that get recruited in this country? Are we lesser kenyans? We cannot allow ourselves to be subjugated in this manner. We belong here and the earlier these kikuyus realize we are serious in our quest by all means, the better. This five years will see them bringing in chiefs and sub-chiefs from the mount Kenya region to lord on us at our village levels; the only remaining government jobs that they have not filled with Mt. Kenya characters. Devolution was to take resources to our regions rather than centralize it in Nairobi. This would have helped our regions to develop and get our brothers and sisters get employed. What did they do? They told their people that majimbo means you relocate to your ancestral home. This was never in our ODM's campaign agenda. We wanted to share resources fairly. They poisoned their people's minds and now they want to accuse Raila and Rutto of preaching Majimbo of evicting people. That was their interpretation and that is what they told people. They are paying for their own sins.

We advocate for fair employment to all. The Kalenjins have to get their share if peace must prevail in this country.

4. Commerce/Trade

Talk of NSE, talk of government supplies, talk of small shops, talk of big shops; they all belong to Kikuyus. Whether in R. Valley, Nyanza, Coast or Kakuma, they are all owned by Kikuyus. Talk of Equity bank, how many kikuyus are being given loans on a daily basis? Equity bought IDB and the government has been channeling loans to their kikuyu brethren without any rigorous procedures. Kwani what is so special with this breed of people for them to own so much? They have greed and arrogance of catastrophic proportions. Again, devolution would have leveled the playing ground of trade. Channeling the resources to regions would have ignited business activities at the regional level. What did they do? They stole our votes and decided to maintain the status quo. Imagine what they will do in the next five years if you consider this will be their last term. They have bought most of the government assets through NSE. Brethren, how many millionaires can you identify in R. Valley? How many are there in Central and Mt. Kenya region? Is it by accident that we have less than 10 and they have over 1000? Can't you see? Open your godamn eyes!!! We do not have a future if we don't rise up now. They are going to buy all that was not bought previously. Their properties have to be brought down for them to see sense. It is the only language they can understand. No more talks.

5. Infrastructure

Look at the roads, telecommunication, electricity, water; name them; all the resources for in this sector have been channeled to Mt. Kenya region. From Kipipiri to North Imenti to Mwea to Embu; these guys have built highways, supplied water to their people, supplied electricity, telephone lines, dug boreholes, etc. The allocation in the national budget is heavily skewed towards their regions. This is all about resources. Moi was extremely ignorant and useless. He stole from us and did deals with these guys. He enriched himself so much; he is always ready to sacrifice his own people for his own benefits. Back to Mt. Kenya paradise; what you guys need to understand is that all this is about resource distribution. If these guys were able to do what they did in 5 years, what will they not do in the next 5 years. They are equipping their region as they steal from us. That is why they cannot listen to resource devolution.

Do you need any further education? Of course not. The list of inequalities is so long and you must be having one of your own. As if this was not enough, they stole our votes and asked us to do what we think we can do. That is right guys, "Do what you think you can do if you are man enough". We have done what we were challenged to do since we are not small boys and girls. We shall still do what we think we can do as long as we are claiming for what is ours. If any of us (gotab kalenjin), God forbid, betrays our course we shall not only eliminate him/her, but their entire linage. We shall also invoke our kalenjin CURSE in ensuring that the individual and all their generation shall not live.

We started by identifying our fighting spirit with the spirit of Koitalel ara Samoei (God rest his soul in eternal peace). This spirit still lives today. This spirit is about the kalenjin's spirit of NEVER SAY DIE even in times of adversity. Our God will deliver us to Canaan from the current mistreatment. We shall not lose focus of where we are going and what we want. We shall not allow ourselves to be among the meek and the submissive in this country because Kibaki says so. We shall say what we want to say and do what we want to do.

It is 100 years since the great warrior and leader of the Kalenjin died. He left a mark in the history of this country and the rest of the world: "The longest African Resistance to a White Man's Rule". That should always be our rallying MOTTO as a people. The man will always be our hero and source of inspiration. If Koitalel could resist the inventor of the GUN for 7 years, how can we succumb to MISUSERS of the GUN when we have also gotten access to them? Let our spirit not die brothers and sisters. A century after our great Orkoiyot died, another great Kalenjin son has been born unto us. Coincidentally, he is called by the same name of the great leader: SAMOEI. This great son of ours belong to the age group of KAPLELACH. Our fore fathers predicted that during this age group, the world will either SURVIVE or PERISH. This prophecy has to come to pass. It is this age group that will deliver our people from the jaws of the (KIBAKI). I call upon all of us to remain steadfast in giving him total support. Their strength in parliament yesterday shows what determination and unity can achieve.

We have been receiving threatening messages via sms from our brothers and sisters the kikuyus. They are interested in looking for us and our off-springs in Nairobi for elimination. These people cannot steal from us our democratic right and threaten violence upon us. It would amount to double tragedy. We SHALL NOT allow this to happen and the earlier they get to know it the better. Nairobi City is in Rift Valley; the name Nairobi in itself is Maasai (who are our cousins) and it means a place with water. We will never succumb to their threats. We shall defend ourselves and our interests to the bitter end. If they want to bring clashes to Nairobi, they can go ahead. They will regret why they ever started it in the first place. We urge our people to ensure that every family is fully equipped with our normal tools; if we can afford, ferry two warriors from upcountry fully armed and house them until we have this thing sorted out. It is imperative that we fully deal with the house of Mumbi. NAIROBI WILL EITHER BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NONE OF US. The house of MUMBI should realize that this country is not ruled through threats but by engaging the other partners. We did not start this war, they started it and the ONLY WAY TO END IT IS TO HAVE THE THIEF (KIBAKI) TALK TO RAILA THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA.

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