Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ruto dismantled the Chesire/Moi empire in Eldoret to become a powerful Eldoret MP. He dismantled the powerful Choge/Moi empire to become the unquestionable grandman in Nandi.He dismantled the Too/Setieney (CID) empire in Kipsigis to speak for the North and South riftHe has dismantled the powerful Biwott empire in Elgeyo/Keiyo and the marakwet and Sabaot listens to him.He has dismantled the Moi and sons empire to get to where he is. He is not even 40+. So, the GEMA hate machine ain't gonna work on him. He'll take the battle to their door-steps right in Nairobi where he is busy negotiating kenya's future.He is his own man

That´s why Kiuks fear him and are obsessed with him!

Every time you have one man hated by GEMA, know that he is doing something positive for our country. Both Raila and Ruto are hated by the GEMA elites and their supporters…They hate Raila unfairly since Raila is the one who gave them power in 2002. However with Ruto, the hate is based on fear: he is young, wealthy and charismatic. He has the full backing of the entire Rift Valley. He has loyal followers in Nyanza, Western, Coast, & Nairobi.. should Ruto decide to run for the Presidency in the future, I am sure he will win with a landslide….and this causes sleepless nights to GEMA elites.

Ruto commands respect in such a wide geographic and demographic region of Kenya that anybody who think they can take him on lightly is deluding themselves. Ruto was just a kalenjin leader in early 2007, now people look up to Ruto for strong leadership and direction in the Western half of Kenya and the coastal province. Soon even the kiuks will realize that Ruto provides the kind of strong, honest an decisive leadership that is good for this country including kikuyus. The weak, dishonest and indecisive leadership of kibaki has hurt this country tremondously and kikuyus must get off their pride and accept that reality. The MKM choke hold on to the power will be dismantled, piece by piece until the country is free. I am glad ODM has already removed the legistlative branch from their choke hold. ODM is in the process of taking a piece of the excutive branch and hopefully before 2012, this country will be freed from GEMA and all kenyans including GEMA will be treated equally with no group lording over all of us. Kenya cannot be ruled by a tribal kingdom but we must remain a Republic where each individual has the same right and not where individual rights are distributed disproportionately depending on the economic and political power of your tribe.
Kichwa mbaya

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PETER said...

So how di the wealth of Ruto come about?

Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement said...

Tell us how it came about. Seems you know something that some of us may not know!