Friday, January 18, 2008

Uganda troops in Kenya!

I have been gathering information from the ground in Busia,Teso,Bungoma and West Pokot. There is enough evidence that Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Arap Moi and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hatched a plot to steal the elections even before last year's General elections were held in Kenya.Ugandan troops were siphoned into Kenya and stationed strategically to fight any Kenyan who would try to stand up against Kibaki. This is a gross violation of a people's sovereignity and dignity. We implore Museveni to take his men out of Kenya immediately. We also call on Kenyans to question all Ugandan military personnel found on Kenyan ground to explain their presence there. We also ask the international community to ask Museveni to leave Kenya alone. It has never been and it will never be part of the Hima Empire. Kibaki can try as much as he wants to sell our country to the Hima but this will never happen!

Here is a related article:
The UPDF is still in Kenya. Some of them have been taken there by the Kenya bus services like Akamba. General Salim Saleh, rumours say, has been seen in Kenya. (If you spot him somewhere, please confirm to Radio Katwe whether this is true or not). In addition, it is well known that Ugandan troops have been ferried under dark through Port Bell cover to Kisumu in Kenya.

We also know that some Ugandan soldiers have been killed in Kenyan and as a source described as "fed to the fish" in Lake Victoria in the Kisumu side. Deaths have been confirmed but we cannot be sure about the fish food part.

A source has told us that bullet cartridges or empty shells picked up in Kisumu have markings which indicate that they were produced at the Luwero army Industries in Nakasongola. Has Kenya all along been importing ammunition from Uganda, or is this further evidence of one thug coming to another dictators aid?

Local fishermen saw unidentified "military men" landing at various fishing sites including Usengi in Kenya (about 40 km south of Majanji , but on the Kenyan side of the border). Some of the UPDF soldiers who were sent to Kenya, when they got there, removed their uniforms and defected, never to come back.

There was an attack on Thursday on Moi Referral Hospital in Kisumu. The hospital staff say that the attackers spoke rather poor Kiswahili or none at all. In East Africa, you can wonder who are worst at speaking Kiswahili. In the elite forces like PGB, CMI etc, Runyankole is like the "official" language but even in the regular UPDF where Swahili is the common language, the standard is considered bad.

A source speculated to us that the "gunmen" in Kisumu are shooting at Luos, not Kikuyus. But we wonder how easy it is to tell instantly, in the heat of the battle that this one is definitely Kikuyu, or not. So readers take that with a pinch of salt.

Do we need to tell you more? Museveni is involved in the chaos across the border. When normal people are in distress, for him he sees "opportunities". Kavuyo (mayhem) is just a chance to "sort out" once and for all, what he calls enemies.

A very dangerous alliance seems to have formed in this region, where in at least three countries now, men who will do anything to remain in power and protect their loot are now on top, and two actively working together. Ugandans look anxiously at Kenya and pray that the forces of democracy win in the end.

Source: RadioKatwe

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