Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hon. David Kimutai Too (ODM) AINAMOI MURDERED!

Senior police officer and wananchi mingle around the car belonging to the late MP David Kimutai Too in Eldoret at the scene-of-crime where he shot and his partner serious wounded.

The MP for Ainamoi Mr David Kimutai Too, was dragged out of his car and shot point blank by policemen before witnesses.

Reports reaching us say:
"Nairobi, Thursday 31st January, 2008. Ainamoi MP David Kimutai has been shot dead by a traffic policeman in Eldoret in what is suspected to be a love triangle. The policeman was chasing the MPs car around the town in his motorcycle when he shot at it indiscriminately. A lady accompanying Kimutai, alleged to be the policeman’s girlfriend was shot in the incident and has been rushed to the ICU in critical condition. Meanwhile the policeman has given himself up and has been arrested. The late MP’S body is now lying at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary as anxious members of the public flock the mortuary to seek more details on the killing. Kimutai’s death comes just three days after the murder of Embakasi MP Mugabe Were on Monday. ODM leaders who were holding a meeting on the on going peace initiative mediated by former secretary general Kofi Annan have left the peace talks to seek information on the killings of one of their own."

Before going to parliament, Hon.David Kimutai Too was Principal of Boywek Secondary School in Ainamoi Division-Kericho


An Kenyan Opposition MP was shot dead by a police officer in the Rift Valley today, amid ethnic violence that has wracked the country since last month’s disputed presidential election.

The shooting of David Kimutai Too - the second Opposition MP to die this week - threatened to complicate negotiations due to start today, aimed at ending the bloodshed that has pitted tribe against tribe, leaving up to 1,000 people dead and 300,000 homeless.

Representatives of President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, the Opposition leader who claims the poll was rigged, were meeting for the first time in Nairobi with Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General.

Mr Odinga has refused to recognise the legitimacy of Mr Kibaki’s presidency and has demanded a fresh election, but the government has instead insisted on dialogue.

The two leaders were not themselves present at today's talks. Mr Kibaki has flow to Ethiopia to attend an African Union conference in Addis Ababa which is expected to be dominated by talk of the Kenyan crisis.

Protests at the election result rapidly descended into violence amid longstanding tribal and economic tensions. Members of the president’s Kikuyu tribe, which dominates the upper echelons of Kenyan business and politics, suffered heavily in the first wave of violence at the hands of Mr Odinga’s Luo tribe and other ethnic groups, but have since carried out numerous revenge attacks.

Today, an uneasy calm appeared to have settled on many flashpoints of the recent violence, in western Kenya and the capital's slums, as residents waited for the outcome of the latest mediation effort.

However elsewhere tensions continued to spill over. Mr Kimutai Too of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement was shot by a police officer at a roadblock as he was travelling from Nairobi to the Rift Valley city of Eldoret, police and party officials reported.

“He has been shot dead, by a traffic policeman in Eldoret, we think. The circumstances are very unclear. This crisis is just getting deeper every day,” Tony Gachoka, an ODM spokesman, said.

The killing came just two days after the murder of Mugabe Were, who won a parliamentary seat for the ODM in last month's elections. He was shot by two gunmen as he returned home in the capital just after midnight. Police said they were keeping an open mind over his death, but his family insisted they were in no doubt about the motive.

Last night several houses were torched along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway in western Kenya, while a mob of Kikuyus today attacked a Kalenjin official as he attempted to collect the body of a relative who had been killed, an AFP correspondent said.

They accused him of having sponsored ethnic attacks near Molo late yesterday.

Police from his entourage shot in the air to disperse the crowd and the official sheltered in a nearby hospital for several hours before fleeing without the body, he added.

Meanwhile people continued to flee their homes. Thousands remain in makeshift displacement camps, where reports of rape and ethnic clashes abound.

Yesterday the United States said that in places the violence had evolved into ethnic cleansing, and said that it was reexamining hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the West African country.

“There was ethnic cleansing in Kenya. I listened to the victims,” Jendayi Frazer, a US Assistant Secretary of State who is the top American envoy to Africa, said in Ethiopia.

Ms Frazer’s remarks came as Kenyan police said they had been given shoot-to-kill orders in a bid to stem the unrest, for the second time since the start of the crisis.

Mr Odinga called for those orders to be cancelled immediately, calling them “a sign of a government that has run amok".


The Police officer who murdered the MP is from the Kisii tribe.just spoke to guys in kericho.. yeah that place is literally on fire.. youth from motobo and kipchimchim , brooke , kapsuser have poured to town to avenge the murder most foul of their MP

My sister told me 3 kenyans were killed in nyagacho estate/slum earlier in the day..

Via email



-On accusation of inciting his people to violence- He said that the violence and riots were spontaneous and across the country, if any body planned it , then it MUST BE PEOPLE WHO STOLE THE ELECTIONS AND WANTED TO COVER THEIR TRACKS

-ON the mediation and its success- He said that Kenyans MUST BE TOLD WHO WON THE ELECTIONS. Hard choices will be made but Kenyans cannot accept anything less than justice

-Killing of Too- he said that somebody is really trying to reduce the number of ODM MPs at all costs. ODM had 3 members majority which has now been reduced to 1.

-Violence- Kenyans wants justice and are angry at being cheated, violence is NOT restricted to Eldoret of RV, it is all over the country

On if the mediation fails -He said that a solution must be found otherwise Kenya can very easily descend into a long and protracted civil war.

His clarity left the tough Briton asking questions baffled

I believe that a Kenyan solution will be found.

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