Thursday, January 31, 2008


Whereas all the peace efforts that have been tried in Kenya have failed so far and;

Whereas the UN, the US, the UK & other big powers seem either to underestimate or not to understand the urgency of the Kenyan situation and;

Whereas innocent and precious lives continue to be lost in Kenya and;

Whereas the focus of the problem seems to be shifting from the stolen elections to other more serious challenges that have never been addressed adequately since independence and;

Whereas the Kenyan armed forces (Army, Air force & Navy) have remained professional so far;

KDPM wishes to state as follows:

1.THAT we fully support the views of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

2. THAT it is a high time that the Kenyan armed forces took over the leadership of Kenya.

3.THAT the armed forces form a transition goverment that will organize free and fair elections in Kenya within 3 months.

Gerald Baraza, President


"It is important for the President to come out and meet Raila. Kenya is bleeding and people are suffering. Why is Kibaki not ready to meet Raila? After all Raila campaigned for him in 2002 and I believe they can still sit down and talk. What is too difficult for the two to talk about? In 2003, I warned the leaders, that their misunderstandings would lead to something bigger, but they did not listen. I was a lone ranger and now this is the result. I am now urging the international community to put pressure on President Kibaki and his Government, without which innocent Kenyans will continue to suffer."
-Wangari Maathai


Kibaki congratulatory statement was a mistake

GABORONE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation wishes to state, in response to a news story entitled "Mogae Congratulates Kibaki", which appeared on page 3 of the 25th January 2008 edition of the Botswana Guardian, newspaper, that the Botswana High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya inadvertently transmitted a message that had been withheld pending further instruction from Botswana in the context of ongoing developments.

"H.E. President Mogae had not, and indeed has not, authorized the release of any such congratulatory message", reads a statement from the Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation regrets any inconvenience caused in this regard.



My daughter has just now, Jan 30th 2008, left Kenya. She was a Peace Corps volunteer. I want to share my tears with diaspora members and Kenyans still living there. I also want to share my sadness with my daughter. Nearing 60 years old, I'm an ordinary wage earner in the U.S.A.. Just like my political leaders here in America, whether Democratic or Republican, they are no different than the leaders in Kenya, whether ODM or PNU. Odinga, Kibaki, Bush , or Clinton.....they are all self-serving elitist pigs, serving no one but the wealthy who meter out commodities from electricity, water, toothpaste, and human resource labor. Too bad none of us common people can wake up. We all, regardless of country, tend to point fingers at the problems the stilted media news sources want us to look at. Humankind the world over are being controlled. Freedom exists though when we refuse to kill each other. I respect the soldier's shedding of blood, but it is mostly for contrived causes made to serve the interests of the powerful. I'm proud of all soldiers past and present who believe they are defending the simple life of freedom everybody wants. I'm also proud that all my sons and daughters will not serve in the U.S. military service. I'm proud of my best friend who died as a Marine in Vietnam, even though the American administration carried out an abominable lie over there in the 1960's. So many innocents have died. As an American, I only want to live a good and simple life with my family and friends. Anyone with a good heart does, regardless of religion, politics, or anything else. Stand up for your right to see your spouse, brother, mother, and friends as your enemies (made so by politics, newspapers and finger-pointing) see their spouse, sister, father, and friends. Do not kill, only our fat leaders with their propaganda force us to do this.

Its late, living paycheck to paycheck, I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.
Michael Warner
Via email

Rwanda refutes reports of army take over in Kenya


NAIROBI, January 31 - The Rwandan Government on Thursday refuted reports that President Paul Kagame had advocated for a temporary military take over to end Kenya’s political crisis.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Kenya George Kayonga said reports attributed to President Kagame in a local daily were untrue and that the Rwandan leader was quoted out of context.

“This is a total misrepresentation of the interview President Kagame gave to journalists on Tuesday when he came out for the first time to speak on the political crisis in Kenya. He has been misquoted,” Kayonga said.

In an exclusive interview with Capital Newsbeat Thursday afternoon, Kayonga said President Kagame had only called for the deployment of the military to help resolve the humanitarian crisis and not take over government.

“Due to the current loss of civilian lives that has persistently continued, he of his opinion stated that, among other measures that have been taken the army should step in to play their role, because people are losing their lives on a daily basis,” Kayonga said.

A local newspaper had quoted President Kagame proposing a military take over in Kenya as opposed to the on-going mediation talks.

“This is a case of emergency where certain things have to be done very quickly to stop the killings that are going on. There is no time to go into niceties and debates when the killings are taking place,” President Kagame was quoted as saying.

But in a terse statement, the Rwandan envoy told Capital Newsbeat that the remarks attributed to Kagame were a ‘misrepresentation’ of the facts.

Kayonga said he had contacted the newspaper to demand an apology for the ‘wrong impression created about the Rwandan President’.

“I have already spoken to them (the newspaper) and asked them to carry an apology. What they did is wrong,” he said during the interview at the Embassy.

Kayonga said he also intended to complain officially to the Kenyan government about the reports in the local newspaper.

Asked to comment on whether Rwanda was affected as a result of the crisis in Kenya, Kayonga said: “My country is really suffering. The price of fuel has gone higher and the commodity is now being rationed to the people.”

He reiterated that his government fully supports the mediation talks spearheaded by the former UN chief Koffi Annan.

“President Kagame is also supporting the talks. We would like to see an end to the current crisis,” he said.

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