Tuesday, January 01, 2008

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."Joseph Stalin

Most Kenyan voters in the just-concluded General election gave their votes for a democratic candidate. Many of them decided not to be apolitical. Many of them would not normally go to vote, but Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement won their respect over the past years when they stood up against corruption and tribalism and championed real change in the governance of our country.

All of us know that Mwai Kibaki could never have had support outside Central province even in 2002 were it not for Hon Raila Odinga who turned the masses to support him when he declared “Kibaki Tosha”. Kibaki’s billions which he has amassed through corruption (I hope all of you remember Mr.10%) could not translate into votes so he had no chance of becoming the president of Kenya. Dr.Chris Murungaru can bear me out on this!

Most people knew that according to the results of exit polls and the legally counted and verified votes in most constituencies save for those in Kibaki’s Central province, the People’s candidate had won so we went to bed or stayed up all night strongly believing that our vote meant something and had made a contribution to the future of our country.

On the evening of December 30th 2007, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Mr.Samuel Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki the winner of the 2007 polls and he was immediately sworn in at State House gardens, Nairobi. The people’s election had been stolen! Kenyans have taken this as a grave insult and they have sworn not to allow their votes to mean nothing!

Right now the corrupt ECK Officials cannot face the people of Kenya but every drop of blood that is shed will hound them forever. Every life that is lost because of the violence that is taking place across the country must be blamed on them. Right now Mwai Kibaki cannot face the people of Kenya unlike in 2002 when he was cheered by millions of Kenyans as he took oath for office. The government buildings are empty and the ones that have a few officials inside are guarded because there is no legitimate government in Kenya right now.

Mr.Samuel Kivuitu, Mr.Kihara Muttu and all the ECK Officials have committed a great crime against the people of Kenya and they all deserve to be charged with treason! Both Kivuitu and Kihara Muttu know that in law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of disloyalty to one's sovereign nation. They have made war against the people of Kenya. They have seriously injured the consciences of innocent citizens. They have built mistrust among the people and facilitated ethnic animosity. They have betrayed their oath of office to guard and uphold the truth and the independence of the electoral process. They have eroded all the trust that the youth of Kenya had in the older generation. We cannot trust them anymore! They are traitors. They have betrayed all Kenyans. They do not care about Kenyans but Kibaki’s millionaire friends and relatives. The least they can do right now is to resign and pave way for another independent body to take over and try to cleanse the mess that they have created. Admitting the enormity of their crimes is not enough. Continuing to draw salaries for commiting such crimes is unimaginable!

Now this is our message to the fraud regime of Mwai Kibaki: You are not our president! You do not speak for us! We do not recognize you! You can torture us if you want, you can break our bones, you can kill us if you want but we will never recognize you as our president. We will fight your illegitimate regime to the last man!

Yes, it’s the people’s revolution!

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