Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Sad Day in Kenya: Dictator Kibaki's Illegitimate Cabinet Announced!

Talk of total greed and madness!

Why are we lying to ourselves and the rest of the world that Mwai Kibaki wants peace in Kenya? Why are we lying that Kibaki wants democracy in Kenya? Why are we lying that Kibaki wants a Government of National Unity? His urges and excesses are driving him and the country down the tubes! He has degenerated into an insensitive and ruthless dictator who cares less about what the people of Kenya want!

His hasty action of naming an illegitimate government confirms the fact that he is bend on being the president of Kenya no matter what happens. It confirms the fact that he does not care about the views or feelings of the majority of Kenyan voters who voted him and majority of his supporters out. He does not care about the future of Kenya! After all, he has already lived his life! Expecting Kibaki to keep a pledge is being naive. He will break every pledge that he makes without a whim. All he cares about is himself and his selfish-interests.

As a result of his actions, this is what is going to follow:

1. Tribal tensions will escalate to levels never witnessed before.
2. Feelings by majority of the Kenyan ethnic groups, especially the Luo, that Kibaki's dominant Kikuyu tribe has always given them a raw deal when it comes to the management, distribution, and utilization of resources and opportunities, will reach unparalled levels.
3.Violence is going to tripple in the country!
4. Guerilla warfare will become an option for many who feel cheated, frustrated and oppressed by an illegitimate regime.

This is what the international community can do to save Kenya:

1.Stop giving preferential treatment to Mwai Kibaki when he is an enemy of democracy in Kenya, Africa and the world at large.
2.Call on Mwai Kibaki to step down immediately.
3.Call for another Presidential election in Kenya overseen by an international body.
4.Institute a freeze on travel visas for Kibaki and his family members.
5. Institute a freeze on travel visas on members of his illegitimate government.
6. Freeze certain aid grants to Kenya.
7. Recall a number of key diplomatic staff from Kenya.

Kibaki names cabinet

Published on January 8, 2008, 12:00 am

By Standard Reporter

President Mwai Kibaki has named a 17 member cabinet with ODM-Kenya leader Mr Kalonzo Musyoka as the Vice-President. Kibaki addressed the nation live on national broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Kibaki named the cabinet despite the existing political crisis over the disputed presidential elections of 27th December 2007.

Below is the full statement from the president.

Fellow Kenyans,

I am pleased to announce part of my Cabinet. In forming the Cabinet, I have considered the importance of keeping the country united, peaceful and prosperous under a strong, broad-based leadership. I am accordingly, naming the first half of my Cabinet as follows:

(1) Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs

Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, MP

(2) Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security, Office of the President

Hon. Professor George Saitoti, MP

(3) Minister of State for Defence, Office of the President

Hon. Yussuf Mohamed Haji, MP

(4) Minister of State for Special Programmes, Office of the President

Hon. Dr. Naomi Namsi Shaban, MP

(5) Minister for Public Service, Office of the President

Hon. Asman Abongotum Kamama, MP

(6) Minister for Finance

Hon. Amos Muhinga Kimunya, MP

(7) Minister for Education

Hon. Professor Sam Ongeri, MP

(8) Minister for Foreign Affairs

Hon. Moses Wetangula, MP

(9) Minister for Local Government

Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, MP

(10) Minister for Information and Communications

Hon. Samuel Lesuron Poghisio, MP

(11) Minister for Water and Irrigation

Hon. John Munyes, MP

(12) Minister for Energy

Hon. Kiraitu Murungi, MP

(13) Minister for Roads and Public Works

Hon. John Njoroge Michuki, MP

(14) Minister for Science and Technology

Hon. Noah M. Wekesa, MP

(15) Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Hon. Martha Karua, MP

(16) Minister for East African Community

Hon. Dr. Wilfred Machage, MP

(17) Minister for Transport

Hon. Chirau Ali Mwakwere, MP

The remaining ministerial portfolios will be announced in due course. Thank you.

MWAI KIBAKI, C.G.H., MP. President and Commander -In-Chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Kenya. Nairobi 8th January, 2008

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