Wednesday, January 30, 2008


PNU Hunting ODM Presidential Agents In Western Province


(Mr. Reuben Sechele Nyangweso was flushed out Of his Rural Home at Mwiyenga, Bukura Kakamega with Mr. Libondo in hot pursuit on January 28th 2008 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time).

The family of Mr. Reuben Sechele Nyangweso would like to ask all people of good will in Kenya and worldwide, to pray for them and particularly Mr. Reuben Nyangweso who is currently as of 2pm US Eastern Standard Time being hunted like an animal by PNU operatives lead by Mr. Libondo and others from Lurambi constituency. Reuben was a contestant in the ODM nomination for Lurambi. He was not nominated but then was appointed as Mr. Raila’s Election coordinator. There lies his mistake, whereas the original riots were spontaneous anger driven – Now the PNU operatives with help from the security officers in Western are singling out ODM members cutting them with machetes so that the world may not know that it was the government. Mr. Libondo is the contestant who lost to Mr. Raila Oginga in Kibera, he comes from WesternProvince

We the family of Mr. Nyangweso in Kenya, Delaware USA, Kansas USA and Ottawa Canada would like to let the world know that we hold the PNU operatives in Kakamega, in Nairobi and the Kibaki government responsible for the safety and good health of Mr. Reuben Nyangweso and all other ODM members.

Mr. Nyangweso should be guaranteed safe passage without let or hindrance. When we last talked to him we could hear stones pounding his car as he courageous drove through road blocks set up around his home by the PNU Lurambi operatives. We have to desist from talking to him on his cell phone, because someone was using it to track his movement. Only the Police have access to cell phone tracking technology in Kenya. The PNU, the Police, Safaricom and the Kibaki government therefore stands responsible for the safety of the person or Mr. Reuben Nyangweso and all those ODM members in the Western province countryside.

We do not understand how it can be that the PNU, would want to hunt, mime and Kill Kenyan who hold a different view just to stay in power. We would like to pray that this situation be resolved without setting the stage for long term challenges for the country and the generations to come. We would like to ask all investors in the country to take a long term view of their investments in Kenya. It is very discouraging when press releases from tour operators and governments state that only Kenyans are being targeted and tourists are safe OR that company operations are going on as usual except 800 or more Kenyans have been killed by ethnic mobs. These are real people, and the PNU should be held accountable.

The PNU should be asked to desist or restrain Mr. Libondo and his gangs in WesternProvince from causing bodily and property damage in the PRETENCE of Mungiki. The Police, the Intelligence services should provide services to Kenyan equally without favor. Right now ODM has no capacity to cause damage, they expected fair play they were mistaken now they are hunted while Kibaki goes through the motions of talks.

We the family of Mr. Nyangweso just wants a guarantee of his safety and the safety of all those ODM members who cannot even pick up their cell phones.


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Human life is sacred! Man is created in God's image! Only God has the righ to take human life. KDPM condemns, abhors and denounces the irresponsible, evil and heinous actions of the PNU operatives. We call upon them to stop their miscalculated and ill-conceived acts with immmediate effect!

Gerald Baraza,President


The much talked about Mungiki training and arming has been confirmed. Uhuru has donated Ksh.4 million and Karume and other leaders have paid for the training of Mungiki to attack Luos, Luhyas, muslims and Kalenjin communities. The plan is complete and its execution is soon. From reliable sources, the plan is to retaliate the mayhem that was witnessed in the post-election violence where Kikuyu community was targeted by these tribes. It is said that the attacks will start slowly in Nairobi as mere criminal gang but will intensify with time. A number of Mungiki members have been provided by police uniforms and will knock doors at night. Areas mostly targeted are Mathare, Dandora, Umoja,Kayole, Embakazi, Dagoreti and Kibera and Police will be slow in response and ways have been crafted to show that police have been overwhelmed. In the streets mungiki members will be planted among police officers with sole responsibility to kill anybody who is protesting. Kenyans of goodwill are required to condemn this plan for genocide and please alert all Kenyans to be careful. This not just a propaganda it is real and police, leaders, and the public should not remain silent. All night travels should be reduced.
Concerned Citizen.

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