Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kibaki's Rejected Stooges Admit that the Whole Election Was Flawed!

Kibaki's stooges who were rejected by the voters have just announced on KBC TV that the elections were flawed all over the country. Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi and Mr. Raphael Tuju have even read out "figures" to prove that the voter turn-out in many constituencies was more than 100%. In essence the election results cannot be accepted by Kenyans!

This is more reason for an independent, credible and international body to take over from the ECK and chart the way forward. The issue of there being a legal process in Kenya that can address cases of election malpractice is mute. Who can trust the current Kenyan Judges, who are mostly Kibaki appointees, to be fair and neutral when handling such cases?

So we reiterate, there is no legitimate government in Kenya! There is no legitimate president in Kenya!

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