Friday, January 18, 2008


The crooks of Kibaki’s PNU Party may excel at propaganda and stealing elections, but when it comes to actually running things, they are a bunch of hopelessly incompetent, tribalistic bastards! We are in our homeland with weapons, and a dream to overthrow this country’s illegitimate government and establish a democratic government. We are making steady progress towards this noble dream. This great nation of Kenya shall endure. We have nothing to fear but fear itself! If we Kenyans don't believe in ourselves, who will believe in us?

The present situation in Kenya impels that you speak with conviction and courage. We will endure and prosper. The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. Death cannot intimidate us; the military men cannot intimidate us. Museveni’s troops cannot intimidate us! We are treading carefully towards State House and in due time we will reach there! If we do not reach there tomorrow, we will reach there in 2012!

There is no unsolvable problem if we approach it wisely. By engaging in a national scale and using all the support that we have in all quarters, we can maintain our tempo through strategic actions and surges that take this country inch by inch.

The illegitimate government of Mwai Kibaki has deliberately sought to deceive the whole world by issuing false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace in Kenya. The attack on innocent Kenyans by Kibaki’s military men and Museveni’s hired mercenaries in Western, Rift Valley and Nyanza provinces of Kenya has caused severe damage to Kenyan sovereignty. I regret to tell you that Kenyans are sad, angry, and bitter for the lives that have been lost. Nonetheless, we still recognize you as the legitimate President of Kenya and we stand with you in every step that you take to restore our country’s tainted image and lost sovereignty!

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